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    Exercise should be an essential part of your health and wellness routine - but do you really need to do exercises to strengthen neck muscles? The short answer is yes - you should be doing neck strengthening exercises, particularly if you are suffering from neck pain or have recently undergone surgery.

    If you're suffering from golf-related neck pain, it can prevent you from fully enjoying something you love.

    Whether your pain is persistent throughout the round or you feel it later that night when you get home, you'll not be able to really play your best or have as much fun. Is this pain preventable, or is a sore neck or upper back just an inevitability from swinging the golf club? We're here to tell you that you can in fact enjoy one of your favorite pastimes without stressing about injuring yourself or feeling sore.

    Is it possible you could clear up that unsightly double chin with some neck fat exercises? This is a question anyone who’s self conscious about the way their neck looks has pondered once they’ve discovered that you can actually train your neck. The topic of “spot reduction” which speaks to the ability to target fat loss in one specific area of your body, is highly debated. People fall on both sides of the fence, and are passionate in their respective stances.

    While you may not be familiar with it yet, krill oil is quickly making a name for itself as the new sheriff in town when it comes to pain management and life optimization. Not only does it rival fish oil for clearing up joint pain and inflammation - it has a myriad of other health benefits that you need to hear about.

    Don't let a weak pencil neck be the reason you lose a fight you've been training for, or worse, be the reason you have to sit out of training for a few months with an injury. Instead, strengthen your neck & protect yourself in combat sports by reading this guide on the importance of neck exercises for boxing. Having a thick neck will decrease your likelihood of experiencing whiplash. This can result in a concussion, not only keeping you on the sidelines for an extended period of time but also increasing your risk of long-term brain damage.

    Neck training is an often underutilized aspect of physical fitness. Make no mistake though - it is just as important, if not more important, as the rest of your training. Particularly in combat & contact sports, training the neck protects you while actively enhancing your athletic abilities - making the benefits two pronged. 

    The forward head look so many have developed is not just unsightly, it’s painful - which is why more and more emphasis is being placed on neck posture exercises. Corrective training for the neck is the best way to regain control over your posture and to start looking and feeling better as quickly as possible. If you spend a lot of time at a desk or on your phone, these are even more essential for you.

    Whether it's from a nasty wipeout or the result of overuse from paddling, surfers' necks are as painful as it is debilitating. An unfortunate reality for anyone who loves this sport is that it can really take a toll on your joints and soft tissue - this means you're going to have to constantly be at risk of conditions like surfers' necks.

    Neck pain from cycling is a risk you sign up for every time you hop on your bike. Even with a perfect bike fit, the anatomy of your spine while riding is unnatural - and it puts the neck muscles under a ton of stress. This pain and tension are further exacerbated when you have a weak neck. which, to be honest, most people do.

    While the NFL and NHL made front page news for their heightened awareness of concussions, soccer player Brittni Souder looked for anyone who could understand her textbook symptoms of repetitive brain trauma.

    Learning how to get rid of tech neck is becoming a bigger and bigger issue, so today, we are going to help you understand how to manage the pain and re-establish the good posture you used to have. Whether you spend all day sitting at a desk in an office staring at your desktop monitor, or you always have your phone shoved in your face - one thing is true.

    Neck training probably isn't the first thing that comes to mind when you think of running, but proper biomechanics from the feet up to the neck is essential for safety and stabilization. Discover how neck training for runners helps to build strength, improve mobility, and improve attention while running.