Joe Rogan's Hardcore Workout for Epic Hunting Trips: Cold Plunge, Iron Neck, Reverse Hyper & More

Joe Rogan's Hardcore Workout for Epic Hunting Trips: Cold Plunge, Iron Neck, Reverse Hyper & More

If you're an avid Joe Rogan fan, you know that he's not just a comedian and podcast host; he's also a dedicated hunter who takes his physical fitness seriously. In this article, we'll give you an inside look at Joe Rogan's intense workout routine, which plays a crucial role in preparing him for his epic hunting adventures.

The Quest for Peak Fitness

Joe Rogan's passion for hunting is matched only by his commitment to peak physical performance. He knows that when you're navigating the challenging terrain of the wilderness, you need more than just shooting skills; you need to be in top-notch shape. 

From Cameron Haynes to Bert Sorin, Joe Rogan is regularly talking about his passion for hunting. Joe Rogan’s workout regimen is no walk in the park, but it's essential for him to be at his best in the mountains, as he understands that physical preparation is the key to success when hunting at high altitudes. On a recent Joe Rogan Experience podcast with health and wellness author Michael Easter, he shares his full workout routine. In this discussion he credits a remarkable moment during his hunt to his training and fitness.



“One of the most satisfying things about the hunt was that I had to pack out and I had to carry these quarters on my shoulder and make it up this wet slope,” Rogan explains. “It’s very steep and it's pouring rain out and everything's wet. You're stepping over wet logs. And I'm carrying this quarter, which probably weighs 80 pounds on my shoulder and I'm climbing over stuff, and I slipped, but caught myself. So I have the balance to catch myself. It was all just confirmation that I had done the work. It was very nice. It felt great that I didn't have to feel like I was under prepared.”

Let's dive into his rigorous workout regimen that helps him conquer the mountains.

Building Durability and Endurance

Joe swears by rucking, which involves walking with a weighted vest. It's a fantastic way to build endurance and strength, making it ideal for hunting preparation. He simulates the load of a heavy pack by doing incline treadmill workouts with a weighted rucksack.

“I put a weight vest on and just watch a movie and fucking grind,” says Rogan. “My feet, my calves are killing me. It's hard, man. It's hard.” This endurance training builds durability to prevent injuries, especially in rugged outdoor environments.

Mixing It Up: The Workout Routine

Joe's workout routine is a well-thought-out combination of various exercises and equipment. Here's a breakdown of what his training typically looks like:

  1. Cold Plunge Warm-Up: Joe begins each workout with a three-minute cold plunge, followed by a series of bodyweight exercises to warm up.
  2. Body Weight Exercises: Joe’s series of body weight exercises include 100 pushups and 100 body weight squats on a slant board that he does every day.
  3. Nordic Curls: This exercise targets the hamstrings and requires exceptional strength and control. “That's a hard exercise. I'll do three sets of six or seven. I take a good amount of time in between. I'll do it and then I'll do a good five minute rest before I attempt the second set. Maybe even 10 minutes sometimes.”
  4. Kettlebell or Chin-Up/Dip Routing: Joe will either incorporate a kettlebell routine or a series of chin-ups and dips. Joe will do 100 chin-ups and 100 dips, ensuring he maintains upper body strength. For chin ups, he’ll do a mix of traditional chin ups and L chin ups, where his feet are extended out in front.
  5. Iron Neck: Joe understands the importance of neck strength for balance and injury prevention in the wild. Joe will perform various isometric holds and rotational neck and core movements with Iron Neck. “I love this thing. I use it every workout.”
  6. Glute-Ham & Reverse Hyper: Joe will do sets of 20 on his Rogue Glute Ham machine and then back extensions on his Sorinex Reverse Hyper. “Then I stretch my back out because it's a lot of back, it's a lot of compression there. It feels like everything's tight. So I relax and stretch that out.”
  7. Assault Runner or Rogue Echo Bike: Joe loves Tabata workouts to build up his endurance and will mix it up between his Assault Runner treadmill or his Rogue Echo Bike. “I usually do four or five rounds of tabatas. So you're doing eight sprints each round, eight sprints with eight rests. Then I'll recover. I wear a heart rate monitor. I get my heart rate down to about 100, and then I get back on it again, and I do another one and I get it back down to a hundred, do it again.”
  8. Sauna: Joe finishes his workouts with 20 minutes in the sauna. “I immediately go into the sauna. So my cardio is still banging. I'm already at 130 beats per minute while I'm stepping in right off the Assault Bike. And it's 185 degrees in the sauna.”

The Bigger Picture

For Joe Rogan, staying in shape isn't just about fitness; it's a continual ritual tied to his hunting trips. Having a challenging event on the horizon is a powerful motivator. It keeps him accountable and ensures that he maintains a high level of fitness year-round.

“It makes you want to get right back to it,” Rogan says of the next hunt. “As soon as it's over, you're like, okay, don't slack off. Don't get fucking fat now, stupid. Don't get out of shape. Now I have a good base, so I have to keep it going.”

Michael Easter points out that for many people, the once a year hunting trip can be the thing that gets people focused on getting in shape. 

“A lot of people, that's the thing that pushes them,” Michael adds. “You need an activity, right? A lot of people aren't just going to get in shape just to get in shape. There needs to be some greater reason, a greater why behind it. Finding that I think can be transformative for people.”

Staying Motivated

Joe Rogan's workout routine is nothing short of inspirational. It's a testament to the dedication required for both hunting and fitness. Whether you're a hunting enthusiast or simply looking for fitness motivation, Joe's journey has a lot to offer. And don't forget, if you're serious about your own fitness, consider incorporating components of his workout into yours. Utilizing tools like kettlebells, the Iron Neck, and Reverse Hyper, into your routine can help build durability, while other investments like a cold plunge and sauna can help with recovery.

Stay motivated, stay fit, and who knows, maybe you'll find yourself conquering your own physical challenges in the wild soon.