A Clinic Solution Like No Other

As an industry leader in neck rehabilitation, Iron Neck is setting a new standard for recovery around the world. Our commercial-grade solutions create a one-of-a-kind experience for patients while simultaneously driving your business further.

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Lasting Pain Relief.

Fix the root cause of your pain by strengthening fatigued muscles using safe & effective therapy.

All Around Better Posture.

Treat muscle imbalances & mobility deficits by incorporating 360 degree training only found with Iron Neck devices.

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An Investment in Longevity.

Avoid the #1 most costly health issue in the US, Neck & Back Pain. Make injury prevention a priority by investing in your health now.

Over 1000 Strong & Growing

Iron Neck has been adopted by medical professionals across the world to improve patient outcomes. Join the growing community of clinicians incorporating Iron Neck to help patients overcome poor posture and rehabilitate chronic pain.

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Iron Neck 3rd Gen. Comparison


The difference between our 3.0 and 3.0 Pro models come down to the ability to add rotational resistance to your training. Both come standard with a 25 lb. resistance band, skull cap, and home & gym setup anchors.

Iron Neck 3.0 Pro Neck Training Iron Neck
Iron Neck 3.0 Pro Sale price$599.00
Iron Neck 3.0 Neck Training Iron Neck
Iron Neck 3.0 Sale price$349.00
360° Rotation



Linear Resistance



Rotational Resistance



Variable Friction Dial



Training Benefits

Designed for Doctor & Patient

Iron Neck improves feedback between doctors and patients. From early stage rehab to return to play, Iron Neck quickly integrates into all types of treatment protocols and is easy to learn. The result is a growing list of happy doctors and thankful patients.

A Complete Rehab Solution

Iron Neck training does wonders for neck pain sufferers, but that's just the start. Iron Neck engages muscles connected to the shoulder and all of the muscles throughout the kinetic chain to help with back and postural issues.

Advantages To Being A Partner

Get the benefits of professional pricing when you decide to join our network. Wholesale and Affiliate Partnerships provide clients with the resources you trust, while creating new revenue streams for you and your clinic.

Testing, engineering, science, and innovation packed into one device

Better Your Patients & Practice
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Wholesale & Affiliate Programs

Better support your patients and your business when you partner with us. Provide clients with the training and equipment they need to be successful while benefiting from high returns on your investment.

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