Designed for Doctor & Patient

From early stage rehab to return to play, Iron Neck is trusted in over a thousands of clinics across the world.

    A Complete Rehab Solution

    Safely engage the muscles throughout the kinetic chain including the lower back and shoulders.

      Everywhere & Anyone

      Iron Neck quickly sets up in any clinic. The device is designed to fit a wide array of demographics and meets high santitation standards.

        The Perfect Clinic Solution with Proven Results.

        • A new standard for recovery

        • Commercial-grade solutions

        • Drive your business further

        Linear Resistance

        Iron Neck applies linear resistance to a high lever point on the body. This creates isometric muscle activation in the neck, back, core, and lower body. The 360 degree ring and slider enable you to train from every angle, quickly eliminating muscle imbalances.

        Rotational Resistance

        Our Pro model incorporates braking technology that can be manupulated through our Variable Friction Dial. This allows for concentric muscle activation throughout rotational movements and challenege your neck muscles as you rotate your head. This is particularly useful for injury prevention and as a means of progressing during latter stages of rehabilitation.

        Foundational Exercises

        No matter your training goals, mastering the basic movements of Iron Neck Training will set you up for long term success with other programs.

          Posture Mechanics

          Reverse poor posture by strengthening the muscles that support your head. Mobile devices and long work days can cause the muscles in back of our neck to stretch and become over used.

            Early Stage Rehab

            This four phase program is designed to reduce pain in and around the neck as well as strengthening the muscles that are often neglected.