Reduce Whiplash & Concussion Risk

Many concussions occur as a result of rapid acceleration & deceleration of the head. Iron Neck training is designed to increase strength and anticipatory reaction for these exact scenarios.

Improve Movement Biomechanics

Added benefits include core strengthening as the entire kinetic chain is engaged to resist resistance. Reinforcing proper movement biomechanics is another benefit.

Save Time & Increase Efficiency

After the introductory phase of training, many coaches utilize the ability to add auxiliary exercises to Iron Neck protocols. Reinforce proper posture, core strength, and coordinated muscle activation with these exercises.

Coach Tested. Athlete Approved.

  • Reduce whiplash & head acceleration

  • Optimize strength, mobility & balance

  • Integrate into all training environments

Linear Resistance

Iron Neck applies linear resistance to a high lever point on the body. This creates isometric muscle activation in the neck, back, core, and lower body. The 360 degree ring and slider enable you to train from every angle, quickly eliminating muscle imbalances.

Rotational Resistance

Our Pro model incorporates braking technology that can be manupulated through our Variable Friction Dial. This allows for concentric muscle activation throughout rotational movements and challenege your neck muscles as you rotate your head. This is particularly useful for injury prevention and as a means of progressing during latter stages of rehabilitation.

Team Sports

This series trains athletes the skills to better their stability and develop kinesthetic awareness which will lead to improved efficiency and reduced injury concern.

Rotational Sports

The program is designed for those who golf and perform throwing motions. Improve muscular strength and muscular endurance while increasing dynamic control and balance.

Tactical Athlete

We look to improve basic functions and ranges of motion to either prepare for the rigors of rucking or undo years of hard work that have created problem areas in the neck and back.