We’ve Come A Long Way

Our Story

Iron Neck started with a controversial idea: What if neck strength could help reduce whiplash and in turn reduce concussion risk in athletes? So we set out to get Iron Necks into NFL and NCAA weight rooms.

Along the way, we noticed more and more of our customers were treating their neck pain and poor posture. So we set out to make Iron Neck more wearable for everyone from NFL lineman to grandma!

What started with a focus on athlete safety has evolved into a modern approach to fixing the crippling posture of modern society.

We weren’t okay with everyone ignoring their neck muscles, so we set out to change the course of people’s lives, by putting a longevity tool in their hands…and on their heads

  • 2012

    Former UCLA football player, Mike Jolly, designs prototype for isometric, rotational neck strengthener in Southern California. After seeing college teammate’s lives ruined from head injuries and CTE, Jolly developed the concept once he learned of new research associating neck strength and lowered concussion risk.

  • 2013

    200+ Iron Necks sold to 40+ NFL & NCAA strength programs to reduce injury risk and cut down on concussions. Programs impliment neck training in both prehab and post injury protocols.

  • 2016

    2nd Generation Iron Neck introduced. A complete redesign that cut the weight from 15 to 6 lbs and introduced the Variable Friction Dial in Iron Neck Pro. Iron Ne ck introduced into health and wellness market.

  • 2017

    Launched Iron Neck Varsity and Iron Neck Starter. By reducing complexity in the slider, lower price points were introduced to consumers looking for an economical option.

  • 2019

    2nd Generation Iron Neck weight cut in half. The move to high grade injection molding cut Iron Neck’s weight from 6 to 3 lbs. Between 2017 - 2021, over 70 incremental design improvements were made to the 2nd Generation Iron Neck.

  • 2022

    Iron Neck 3.0 launches. Rebuilt from the ground up, Iron Neck 3.0 introduces internal track design, cutting weight by 33% and size by 20%. Variable Friction Dial™ reengineered with haptic feedback.

  • 2025

    Long term, chronic neck pain ERADICATED! Ok, maybe that’s a stretch. But we believe in stretch goals and we believe in giving people the best possible chance at improving the state of their lives.

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