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    What Is Iron Neck?

    Iron Neck provides versatile fitness solutions designed to be simple but effective, with everything you need to get the workout you want, anywhere you want it. Whether you’re looking to build strength, improve biomechanics, or rehabilitate a previous injury, Iron Neck has a training solution designed specifically for you. Trusted by medical professionals, coaches, trainers, and individuals all around the world, Iron Neck has a proven track record of getting results.

    What Are The Benefits Of Iron Neck Training?

    Iron Neck training products are trusted to help achieve health and fitness goals in many ways, but here are three primary benefits: 1) Improve posture, flexibility, range of motion, and movement biomechanics by exercising overworked and under trained muscles, 2) Eliminate neck and back pain by strengthening muscles that support your head and spine, and 3) Reduce whiplash and concussive forces by building a stronger neck and core

    What Is The Difference In Iron Neck Models?

    1. We have three Iron Neck models to choose from (Starter, Varsity, and Pro). Bundle accessories vary between models, but the primary difference is the application of rotational resistance, or friction/drag, during rotational movements. The Starter model lacks a braking component, which means the slider will always move friction-free around the ring, making it feel smooth and easy as you rotate. The Varsity model has a constant brake applied, which provides a constant, low level of friction during rotational movements. This is primarily used by the athletic crowd, looking to add size and reduce concussion risk. The Pro model has a variable tension dial which allows you to adjust how much friction is applied, meaning you can adjust the rotational resistance from friction-free to very difficult.

    2. We don’t generally recommend the Varsity for rehabilitation purposes because the rotational drag/friction can be interpreted as difficult or cumbersome for individuals dealing with neck pain. The way to counteract the drag/friction is to apply slightly more linear load and move with a slightly faster pace in rotational movements. We recommend either the Starter or Pro model for rehabilitation purposes.

    3. You can perform all the same exercises with any of the models and you can apply as much linear load as desired with the resistance band by standing closer or farther from the anchor point (resistance increases as the band is stretched out).

    How Is Resistance Applied?

    1. There are two potential forms of resistance applicable with Iron Neck training: linear and rotational.

    2. Linear resistance is applied by connecting the Iron Neck to a resistance band or cable pulley machine and adding tension. Since this resistance source is being applied from a high lever point on the body, muscles throughout the entire kinetic chain are turned on and engaged. You can adjust the amount of linear resistance by stretching the resistance band out farther (increasing resistance) or standing closer to the anchor point (decreasing resistance). You can also switch between resistance bands to accommodate specific needs. If using a cable pulley machine, adjust the pulley to forehead height and change the weight stack to the desired weight, then step away from the machine to apply resistance.

    3. Rotational resistance is available in our Varsity and Pro models and is applied using a tension brake to provide drag/friction as the slider moves around the guide track. Rotational resistance is a fixed constant with the Varsity model and fully adjustable with the Pro model (you can adjust from friction-free to very difficult).

    Can I Use Iron Neck On A Cable Pulley Machine?

    Yes, adjust the pulley to forehead height and change the weight stack to the desired weight (<10 lbs is recommended for beginners), then step away from the machine to apply resistance.

    Is Rotational Resistance Important For Me?

    Rotational resistance is important for athletes to mitigate the effects rotational head acceleration can have on the brain, i.e. reduce concussion risk. Rotational forces are believed to be even more injurious to the brain than linear forces because it can cause twisting and tearing at the brain stem. Part of the neck’s job is to slow head acceleration after impact or a fall to the ground to reduce the amount of force/energy transferred from the body to the brain. Building rotational neck strength adds another layer of protection against concussion risk.

    Rotational resistance is also a great option for those looking for faster increases in neck size due to the addition of concentric contractions in your neck muscles, which further supports hypertrophy.

    Is Iron Neck Training Safe For Me?

    Short answer, yes. Long answer, if you are seeing a physical therapist, chiropractor or medical doctor, you should speak to them as they can share more on your condition. The type of training that you get with Iron Neck can be as subtle or advanced as intended. This isn’t a new training concept, but it’s a much more effective way of getting results. Overall, Iron Neck is a safe and progressive way to improve strength and range of motion. 

    Do You Have Any Research?

    Yes, please check out the Iron Neck Blog for more information. We have a variety of posts related to research studies, injury rehabilitation, strength training, success stories, and much more. For research specifically related to concussion mitigation, you can download this brochure.

    If you are interested in partnering with us on future research endeavors, please reach out to info@iron-neck.com and tell us what you have in mind.

    Is Iron Neck Training Clean/Sanitary?

    Iron Neck is made with antibacterial materials and can easily be wiped down with disinfectant cleaner. For an added layer of protection from germs, we recommend anyone using Iron Neck to have their own skull cap (machine washable).

    Can I Build My Own Iron Neck Bundle?

    Yes, you can build your own Iron Neck bundle by selecting the model and accessories you need -- nothing more, nothing less. Build a custom package that's right for you.

    Do You Sell Individual Accessories?

    Yes, we have resistance bands, anchors, handles, straps, bars, and much more available here for a la carte orders. 

    Can I Contact An Iron Neck Team Member?

    If you have any questions not answered on our FAQ page and would like to speak with an Iron Neck team member, please email us at support@iron-neck.com or give us a call at 888-844-6325 (NECK)

    I Am Having Trouble With Iron Neck Fitting

    Please use this Iron Neck Graphic to help during setup. 

    1.First step is adjusting the head strap on top of the device. This controls the "ride height" of the device. You'll want it to be set so the Iron Neck sits level on your head and right above your eyebrows (though exact positioning can vary from head to head). Next step is going to be to pick the front pad that is going to give you the snuggest fit while still being comfortable (reference the above section for dimensions). 

    2.Then take the device and push your forehead into the front pad and slide the rear pad down until the unit is sitting even on your head. Both the front and rear pad will depress with pressure so it should feel snug as you pull it into place. Finally for a perfect fit, you'll inflate the rear pad by pumping the bulb on the top right of the device to tighten up the fit even further if needed. Make sure you deflate the back pad after each session using the release valve button next to the rubber bulb used for inflation. 

    3.Last step is to clip into your resistance band that is anchored at the same height relative to the Iron Neck unit on your head. If the band is anchored too high, the Iron Neck will pull up off your head. If the band is anchored too low, the Iron Neck will pull down over your eyebrows. Like all new gym equipment/exercises, Iron Neck training can take a few days to get used to. Proper fit and form are crucial to a good workout. If you’re still having trouble getting a comfortable fit after following these steps, please visit our Iron Neck YouTube Page. Here you can see Iron Neck in action to get a better idea of what perfect fit and form looks like on the athletes we work with. You can always use a mirror to replicate proper form and adjust things that may be wrong. *head movement

    If you’re still having trouble getting a comfortable fit after following these steps, please visit our Iron Neck YouTube Page. Here you can see Iron Neck in action to get a better idea of what perfect fit and form looks like on the athletes we work with. You can always use a mirror to replicate proper form and adjust things that may be wrong. *head movement

    Frequency, Sets, Reps

    When first starting out, or if Iron Neck training is intended for rehabilitation, we recommend starting friction free (adjustable on the Pro model), for short durations (2-5 minutes), using light resistance (<10 lbs). For maximum size and strength gains, we recommend training 2 to 3 times a week (5-10 minutes per session). As you gain familiarity with the training system and confidence with the exercise protocols, you can begin to add more resistance (linear and rotational) and incorporate auxiliary exercises into your training.

    My Iron Neck Varsity Does Not Feel Smooth

    The Iron Neck Varsity model has a brake pad installed between the slider and the Iron Neck ring which causes friction/drag as the slider moves around the ring, i.e. rotational resistance. The way to counteract the drag is to apply slightly more linear load and move with a slightly faster pace in rotational movements. If the linear load is too light or the pace of rotational movements is too slow, the braking component in the slider will seem to “grab” the ring and lag behind your intended movements.

    Proper form is critical when rotational resistance is applied in the Varsity or Pro models. Be sure the Iron Neck ring and resistance band (or cable pulley) are on the same plane throughout movements or you will experience unintended interference which will result in inconsistent friction around the ring.

    US Shipping - Is It Free?

    Yes, we offer free shipping within the US for orders over $50. We use the most economical shipping carrier (likely UPS Ground or USPS Priority Mail). Delivery with these options typically takes 2-5 days to arrive once the order is shipped, depending on your location. You have the option to select custom shipping options if you want more control over your order’s shipment.

    Do You Ship Internationally?

    Yes! Iron Neck ships to most countries internationally. For rates, simply enter your shipping info at checkout.

    Am I Responsible For Import Customs Fees & Taxes?

    Yes, you will be responsible for paying any import fees and/or taxes imposed by your country’s government for international orders. We do not have the ability to provide expense estimates as import fees and taxes vary from country to country and even province to province within a country. Please be aware of your government’s import fees and taxes before placing your order to avoid surprises. We include a disclaimer at checkout to let international customers know that you are responsible for applicable import fees and taxes.

    How Long Will My Order Take To Be Delivered?

    For orders within the US, you can expect your order to be delivered in 4-7 business days from the date of your order. For orders outside the US, orders can vary from 5-15 business days, depending on location.

    Shipping Dimensions

    All Iron Neck models (Starter, Varsity, and Pro) weigh approximately 3 lbs and ship in a 16” x 16” x 6” box. Fitness Bundles and other multi-piece orders will ship in a 12” x 12” x 6” box. Smaller orders may ship in a standard-size padded envelope.

    30-Day Trial

    We stand behind the quality of Iron Neck products and we're confident you will too. That's why we provide a 30-day no risk trial. You can sign up by submitting this form. We only charge a 10% deposit prior to shipping, which would be refunded if the equipment is returned in good condition.

    What Is Wrong With Closeouts?

    Products in the Closeout section are either slightly used / demo units or brand new, factory seconds that didn’t meet our quality standards. These items may have minor cosmetic issues such as finish blemishes or inconsistencies. All Closeout products are limited-time clearance units. These Iron Necks will perform to standard and are fully functional and safe to train with, but do not carry a warranty and all sales are final.

    Do You Offer Payment Plans?

    For US customers only, payment plans are available using Affirm. Select Affirm as payment option at checkout or click 'Prequalify Now' near the top of any product page.

    Can This Be Covered Through My Insurance?

    We've had several customers use FSAs (Flexible Spending Accounts) and HSAs (Health Savings Account) to purchase Iron Neck and Fitness Bundles from us, so it's definitely an option. FSA and HSA insurance programs are governed by IRS guidance and allow the ability to apply these funds toward medical expenses, as authorized by category guidance and physician approval. A primary difference between FSAs and HSAs is that the individual controls an HSA and allows contributions to roll over, while FSAs are less flexible and are owned by the employer.

    This is according to an IRS publication regarding what they consider as legitimate medical expenses: "Medical expenses are the costs of diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease, and the costs for treatments affecting any part or function of the body. These expenses include payments for legal medical services rendered by physicians, surgeons, dentists, and other medical practitioners. They include the costs of equipment, supplies, and diagnostic devices needed for these purposes. Medical care expenses must be primarily to alleviate or prevent a physical or mental disability or illness. They don't include expenses that are merely beneficial to general health, such as vitamins or a vacation."

    If you are purchasing Iron Neck equipment specifically to treat, prevent, or rehabilitate an injury, then you are following the intent of the IRS and should be good to spend FSA or HSA funds. Fitness and rehabilitation equipment fall into an FSA approved category but often requires a letter from a physician (primary care, physical therapist, or chiropractor) to verify the expense is appropriate.

    Do You Have A Return Policy?

    Yes, adjust We stand behind the quality of Iron Neck products and we're confident you will too. That's why we provide a 30-day money back guarantee. 

    If you want to initiate a return, please reach out to let us know so we can be on the lookout for your shipment. If possible, use the original packaging and foam inserts for shipping protection. If you don’t have original packaging, use a box big enough to fit your items and pad the contents for protection. 

    Ship your order back to: Iron Neck / 4111 Todd Lane / Ste 200 / Austin, TX 78744. Once received, we'll go through your order to confirm all equipment is present and in good condition, and promptly process your return. You will receive your refund to the original form of payment in 5-7 business days. If you'd rather us create a return label (domestic US only) instead of creating a label yourself, we can accommodate that. We will simply deduct the shipping expense from your refund.

    What Is The Warranty?

    Iron Neck is fully warranted against manufacturing defects for a period of one year after purchase. Costs for material and labor are covered under first year warranty. After 1 year, Iron Neck will repair damage (if possible) at customer's expense. If for any reason you experience mechanical failure during intended use, reach out to us at support@iron-neck.com.

    Repairs & Reconditioning

    If you would like to submit a request for a repair of reconditioning of your equipment, send us an email at support@iron-neck.com. Please include a picture or video if there is an issue so we diagnose the problem as early as possible. We’ll get in touch with you to advise next steps.

    Can I Upgrade My Iron Neck?

    Please visit our Upgrade Page to view upgrade options. The process is simple -- complete the checkout process for your desired upgrade model, then ship your Iron Neck to us at the address provided. We will upgrade your old unit and ship it back to you as quickly as possible. Once we have your return, the upgrade process typically takes under three business days. We’ll split the shipping costs, you cover the return shipping and we’ll cover shipping costs back to you.