Delve into the World of Science and Literature Supporting Neck Strength.

Neck Strength During the Pre-Season

"Researchers have proposed a solution for athletes at higher risk for sports concussions, protect your head with neck-strengthening exercises in the pre-season."

NFL Addresses Concussion Epidemic

"NFL Scouting Combine instituted neck strength as one of its mandatory drills, the league would receive a significant boost in trying to address its concussion epidemic."

Neck Strength Helps Absorb Blows

"Trainers decided that increasing the size of his players' necks will help reduce the number of incidents; more strength supporting the head absorbing the blow."

Girls Soccer & Concussions

"Concussion experts say that one way to help prevent concussions and reduce their severity in girls' soccer is through regular neck strengthening exercises."

Neck Exercises Boosts High school Student's Posture

"This study confirmed that selective neck exercise improved high-school students’ posture and significantly enhanced the strength and endurance of their deep flexor muscles."

The Effect of Neck Exercises in Patients With Chronic Neck Pain

"The results of reviewed studies are in favor of specific low-load craniocervical flexion exercise, which seems to be a highly effective exercise regimen compared to other types of exercises in improving DCF muscles impairments in patients with chronic neck pain."



Analysis of the data led to the conclusion that the Iron Neck was effective in reducing neck pain in F-15C pilots

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Injury Reduction Program

"Consideration should be given towards incorporating neck exercises into injury reduction exercise programs to reduce the incidence of sport-related head and neck injuries, including SRC."

In Woman, Pain is Associated With Less Neck Strength

"Significantly lower flexion (29%), extension (29%), and rotation forces (23%) were produced by the chronic neck pain group compared with controls. When the repeated test results were compared pairwise against their mean, considerable variation was observed in the measures on the individual level."

Neck Strength Training Effect On Pain & Function

"It is suggested that 12 minutes of specific neck strength training twice weekly for 8 weeks increases strength of rotator, extensor, and flexor muscles of the neck. Also all individuals who had pain reported reduced perceived neck pain after training."

Less Neck Strength Associated in Patients with TTH ( tension-type headache )

"The results lend support to the hypothesisthat specific training of the weak trapezius musclemay contribute to a normalization of the strength inneck and shoulder in the TTH patients"

Exercises for mechanical neck disorders: A Cochrane review

"Specific strengthening exercises of the neck, scapulothoracic and shoulder for chronic NP and chronic CGH are beneficial. Future research should explore optimal dosage."