What is the Best Exercise for Neck Arthritis Pain?

What is the Best Exercise for Neck Arthritis Pain?

Dealing with arthritis, let alone neck arthritis, can be painful and inconvenient. Thankfully, there are ways to combat and manage neck arthritis to reduce the pain and stiffness that coincides with it. 

Using exercise for neck arthritis pain can be beneficial in negating arthritis and the pain that comes with it. And as not all exercises can be helpful for neck arthritis pain, this article explores the best exercises for neck arthritis. We’ve also added other tips that don’t include exercises as bonus tips to navigate, prevent, and manage neck arthritis.  


Can You Use Exercise for Arthritis Neck Pain?

Yes, exercise to relieve arthritis pain is recommended!

Using the best exercises for neck arthritis pain, and learning how to train neck, is an efficient tool to ease symptoms of arthritis and combat other problems that can arise, like poor posture. Exercise can not only help stretch the muscles of the neck but also promote stability, strength, and support in the neck. These benefits are great for relieving symptoms of arthritis pain, though it is important to note that not all exercises to combat arthritis neck pain are beneficial. 

Some exercises can trigger arthritis and neck pain and should be avoided. Below, we provide the best exercises for neck arthritis pain. 


What is the Best Exercise for Neck Arthritis Pain?

So, what is the best exercise for neck arthritis?

There are optimal exercises to combat neck arthritis pain, and with Iron Neck, the added tension increases benefits by promoting strength, mobility, and stability in the neck. Continue reading to learn how to use these best exercises for neck arthritis pain! 


Locked Neck Body Turn 

Using the Iron Neck for locked neck body turns initiates more resistance throughout the movement. This resistance presents tension, which increases strength, stability, and mobility in the neck to combat arthritis pain. 

In an athletic stance, place your feet shoulder-width apart with knees slightly bent. Clasps your hands together as a reference point during this movement with your fingertips at eye level. 

Keep your eyes on your hands as you rotate your torso by pivoting at the waist—pivot from left to right, maintaining a strict torso position. Use a slow and controlled tempo as you adjust to the movement. Repeat the exercise for five repetitions on each side. 


Retraction With An Isometric Hold

For this exercise for arthritis neck pain, begin in a standing position facing the target (the Iron Neck). Then, step back, away from the Iron Neck, to create tension. 

Retract the chin and keep the back of the neck long. Hold this position for 10 seconds. Walk back in, turn 90 degrees, then step out to create tension. Hold for about 10 seconds. Repeat on all four sides clockwise, then repeat on all four sides counterclockwise. 


Retraction With 360 Spin

This exercise for arthritis neck pain effectively promotes strength in the neck. 

With the Iron Neck, begin in a standing position facing the target (the Iron Neck). Keep the back of the neck long. Then step back, away from the Iron Neck, to create tension. 

Move the feet to turn in a 360 spin in both directions slowly. Maintain neck and body position throughout the movement. Only the feet should be moving, arms relaxed at your sides. 


Walkout & Retraction

In the Iron Neck, begin in a standing position facing the target (the Iron Neck). Then, keeping the chin down, step away from the Iron Neck to create tension. 

Tension should be created throughout the body for the walkout and retraction exercise. Walk back out in a slow, controlled movement, then walk back in. Turn 90 degrees, and repeat the movement. 


Tips for Safely Performing Exercises for Arthritis Neck Pain

Preventing further injury is essential when you’re already rehabbing one neck problem like arthritis. Keep reading for tips on safely performing exercises for arthritis and neck pain!


Invest In Quality Training Equipment

To progress in combating neck arthritis pain, you must invest in quality training equipment. 

Used by thousands of physical therapists and strength coaches, Iron Neck is guaranteed to provide the results you seek. Frequently used for rehab, our neck exercises equipment has been used to reduce the risk of concussion, overcome poor posture, and promote a strong neck.

From Iron Neck’s neck exercise harness to our resistance band belts, we have various equipment options to incorporate exercises for a strong, healthy neck and reduce neck arthritis pain. 


Invest In Quality Exercises

Not all exercise for arthritis neck pain is the same. Iron Neck’s exercises are backed by a certified trainer with professional experience in safely maneuvering movements without promoting injury. 

Using just any exercise you find on the internet can be harmful. We recommend following along with Iron Neck’s Training Lab for guided content and instruction on how to safely complete neck exercises to achieve your goals of relieving neck arthritis pain.

For more quality exercises that can be used to improve the neck, take a peek at our recommended neck mobility exercisesneck tightening exercises, and neck exercise for mass. These expert neck exercises cater to a range of neck goals but can all be beneficial in managing neck arthritis pain. 


Take It Slow

You'll notice that each movement is done slowly in every exercise we provide and every exercise you find in Iron Neck’s Training Lab. This is done purposefully.

Rushing through the movement negates efforts to promote growth in strength, mobility, and stability in the neck, which is done by creating tension through resistance. This drastically reduces the opportunity for drastic progress during these neck exercises. 

Another problem with rushing through the neck exercises is that it can increase the risk of injury. The neck is a vital body part and should be treated as such. Rushing through an exercise can cause something to tweak or pinch in the neck. Go slow through the movements in each exercise to avoid this possibility and encourage the mind-to-muscle connection.

If you are struggling with a stiff neck post-exercise and with relaxing neck muscles, consider learning how to massage neck muscles. This can be a great way to learn how to loosen a stiff neck and combat arthritis pain. 


Other Tips for Managing Neck Arthritis Pain Besides Exercises

Give these other tips that don’t include the best exercise for arthritis in the neck a read to learn different ways to manage neck arthritis pain. 


Improve Poor Posture

Poor posture increases the risk of alignment issues and stress on the joints and muscles. Over time, this can cause the joints to deteriorate. This results in osteoarthritis or neck arthritis. 

Working on your posture can help decrease the risk of osteoarthritis and help manage neck arthritis pain. Check out these neck posture exercises for more information on improving poor posture. 


Use Heat Therapy

Heat therapy can help manage neck arthritis pain. This therapy loosens the muscles, decreasing spasms and reducing joint stiffness through heat. In addition, it improves flexibility and can help improve the range of motion. 


Use Ice Therapy 

Ice therapy, like heat therapy, can be incredibly beneficial in managing neck arthritis pain. The cold can reduce inflammation. Ice therapy effectively soothes joint pain caused by arthritis and can also decrease muscle spasms. 


Quality Food

Food is a powerful tool that people often overlook and can be used along with the best exercises for arthritis in the neck. 

Using food for pain relief is an aspect that is not used as often as it should be. As certain foods contain more significant amounts of antioxidants that can reduce inflammation, we recommend investing in a diet that can work for you rather than against you, as many foods, like fast food, promote inflammation. 


Final Thoughts on the Best Exercise for Arthritis in the Neck

In this article, we discussed the best exercises for arthritis in the neck. These exercises promote progress in stability, mobility, and strength in the neck through tension and resistance instigated through using Iron Neck. 

Backed by professionals, Iron Neck is an excellent tool to combat arthritis in the neck. The added resistance aids in promoting better results to reduce arthritis pain in the neck and defend the neck against the development of arthritis. 

Get rid of nagging neck arthritis pain by investing in Iron Neck---the top neck training tool that promises guaranteed results!