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    What Is A Neck Weight Harness?

    A neck weight harness is simply a harness that attaches to your head and allows you to perform exercises to rehab, stretch, or strengthen your neck. This isn’t something just bodybuilders do to round out their physique - neck training has its place in just about every sport you can imagine, but particular, contact & combat sports. A few worth mentioning are BJJ/MMA, boxing, hockey, football, golf, tennis, etc. But even if you aren’t an athlete, or a professional bodybuilder/weightlifter, these are a great tool to keep in your arsenal. Here is why.

    How Do You Use A Head Harness To Train Your Neck?

    A neck weight harness is exactly what it sounds like - you wear it on your head, and can then attach chains to the harness, and weights to the chains. From there, it’s a matter of performing whichever exercises you have prescribed yourself (or been prescribed). We have a few different exercises you can try out, but all the exercises when it comes to neck training more or less follow the same principles - small, controlled movements at the neck. We want to put extra emphasis on control, and talk a bit more about safety now.

    Benefits Of Training With A Harness

    A strong neck is one that is harder to injure - and that in itself is perhaps the biggest benefit behind using our neck weight harness to train your neck.

    Strengthening your neck is a form of insurance that will keep it healthy in the long run. While this is obviously more important for athletes, anybody is susceptible to neck and spine problems. That means that no matter what, you should be taking heed of this advice!

    But using a head harness to train your neck doesn’t just keep you healthy - it also actively improves any neck problems you’re currently dealing with.

    Tension, impingement, pain, and stiffness can all be warded off by building a thicker, stronger neck. In fact, studies show that neck training can go as far as to help with concussions - both preventatively and as rehabilitation.

    And we haven’t even begun discussing the performance benefits behind using these - you’ll enjoy greater range of motion, increased strength to surround muscle groups like your traps.

    There is a reason the most well-respected coaches & medical professionals around the world recommend neck training a part of your physical fitness routine. Once you spend some time developing your neck strength, you’ll see first hand why.

    Is Using A Neck Weight Harness Safe?

    The neck, along with the entirety of the spine, is a delicate anatomy. You might be here because you already know that, and are hoping to use one of our neck weight harness to alleviate your pain and rehab this area. With this revelation of how fragile the vertebrae in our neck is, and how easy it can be to create an impingement, is it even safe to use a neck weight harness? The answer is yes - when used properly. This applies to just about any exercise for any body part out there. Take a popular movement - deadlifts. Deadlifts in themselves are not inherently dangerous. When performed properly, this is perhaps the best movement for whole body fitness. However, because the spine is easily injured, imperfections in technique and poor weight selection have caused many to injure themselves deadlifting. Is it the movement's fault, or is the person performing the lift (or a coach) responsible for the error? Anyone capable of thinking critically can assess that the movement is not to be blamed in these instances. The same goes for neck training. You need to have a good understanding of the mechanics in your neck, what constitutes proper movement, how much range of motion is necessary, and proper weight loading. We encourage you to do your due diligence before performing any type of exercise with our head harness, and always feel comfortable with your technique before adding weight.

    Where To Buy The Best Head Harness Online

    If you want to take your training seriously and really improve your neck health and strength, then there is only one place worth shopping for all your essentials - including a head harness - Iron Neck. We are the original creators of the #1 piece of neck training equipment, but not everyone can afford or justify this investment. Some people just want to train their neck on a budget, and already have an existing supply of weighted plates they can use. In these cases, there is no better option than the head harness options we have here. Here are a few reasons why.

    Why Iron Neck Has The Best Head Harness Collection

    We have two options for those looking to buy a neck weight harness, and they’re both great options - one is a bit more budget friendly, and the other is geared towards serious athletes who plan on putting some real use into their device. They’re both made from comfortable, soft 1” webbing to prevent any rashing or discomfort when using them. They’re also both ultra durable, built to stand the test of time, even in the most rigorous of weight rooms. Both options include adjustable, industrial hook and loop fasteners and are more or less “one size fits all”. Included in each purchase are the carabiners & chains you need to attach to the weights. They’re versatile, too, in that you can fasten typical weights to the head harness and perform exercises. OR, you can get creative and attach the harness to bands, or even pull a sled if you’re feeling extra! No matter what, you can rest assured you’re getting the best products online when you shop with us. Put yourself first, and start training your neck with affordable, premium products now!