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    Iron Neck Harness

    Iron Neck Harness


    • Description

    Made from soft 1" webbing, this Iron Neck Harness is one of the most comfortable and durable neck harnesses in the industry. Iron Neck Harness is made with adjustable industrial hook and loop fasteners, and it fits most head sizes. The harness is designed to get your neck strong. The harness can be used to perform the traditional weighted neck exercises or you can get creative with it and pull the sled or use bands and chains. Each Harness included a 40" stainless steel chain and two carabiners. 

    • 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee


    Extra-Heavy D-Rings

    Supports your weights and provides a more stable workout.

    Stainless-Steel Chain 

    Ideal for long-lasting use and will not fade or chip over time.

    Reinforced Stitching

    Gives much more strength and support extra weights.

    Flexible, Breathable Neoprene

    Helps to reduce sweat and gives comfort and stability.

    Quick Fastening Strap

    Helps your head and neck stay in place.