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    If you’re looking for an effective, affordable workout that can be accomplished anywhere - at home, your office, etc - our resistance loop bands & training belts are exactly what you need. This style of training is the easiest way to get started exercising if you don’t have any equipment on hand, and it's more cost effective than anything else out there.

    Rather than paying for a gym membership month after month for the next 20 years, you can invest in your own home facility for a fraction of the price and unlock all the benefits that come with exercising from home. 

    What Are Looped Resistance Bands?

    Our looped resistance bands are without a doubt the best way to achieve whole body fitness and target every muscle group on your body. They get their name from their appearance. Simply put, these are loops that can be used not just as a strength training or exercise modality, but to help with rehab too. They come in different resistance levels, usually indicated as either light, moderate, heavy, and/or accompanied by a weight rating.

    You can stretch with these bands and use them to warm up, and then complete a whole body workout without any other weights or machines necessary. There is nothing more versatile, affordable, and effective, which is why these are one of the most instrumental tools in anyone’s arsenal when it comes to training!

    Do Resistance Loop Bands Work?

    Whether you’re just starting your fitness journey or you’re a gym rat, it’s understandable to have skepticism that resistance loop bands work. They’re so simple, and many experienced lifters are deterred because they’re “not enough”. But, hear us out - these are worth their weight in gold, no matter how strong or fit you are! There is a reason these are a staple in any fitness center you’ve set foot in throughout your travels, and it’s because they get the job done. Here are just a few of the reasons you need to invest in a set.

    Benefits Of Training With Resistance Belts

    We’ve already briefly touched on it, but the biggest benefit to training with resistance belts is the versatility they provide. With just a set of these, you can perform exercises targeting every muscle on your body. So when you compare the cost of these to the cost of specialty equipment you’d otherwise need to train your whole body, you can see how these are a no brainer investment!

    You can build strength & mobility simultaneously with these. Furthermore, they improve control and stability within a movement. Because the plane in which you’re working is “free” (unlike the rigidity of machines), you’re forced to put an emphasis on control while performing movements.

    If versatility is the biggest benefit of these, affordability and practicality are a close second and third! These are incredibly cheap, so you can grab an entire set for essentially what one pair of dumbbells would cost you. Plus, they can easily be stored when not in use, and brought along on vacations or business trips to keep you active on the go. 

    How Do You Use A Resistance Training Belt?

    Using resistance training belts is really easy, but the recommendations will vary based on what type you’re using, and how you’re using them. There are certain looped resistance bands that are primarily used to target the hips and glutes. These will go around your ankles or knees, and you can perform movements such as monster walks & lateral walks, among others.

    Some of these resistance belts are longer, and great primarily for stretching. However, there are long resistance belts that can be used for strength training too! Then, there are the types that are designed to attach to a resistance band door anchor, which are what we’re talking about when discussing “home gyms” or “whole body fitness”. They have clips on them, and you can perform movements like rows, chest presses, chest flys, etc.

    Using Attachments To Improve Your Training

    These bands are great on their own, but to really get the most out of them, you should invest in some resistance band bars, handles, & straps. Those who are interested in neck training should also grab one of our head harnesses.

    Our resistance belts have two attachment points - one for connecting to your door, and one for attachments. These are what really unlock the unlimited potential that these bands have come to be known for! 

    Combining Resistance Belts With Weight Training

    A lot of people use these as their sole piece of training equipment, and for good reason - you can do a lot with these! But, did you realize that you could even use these with your existing weight training equipment? You can add resistance loop bands to your protocol to overload certain aspects of whatever movement you’re training. 

    For example, say you’re training the deadlift. You can work on your lockout by wrapping the bands around your barbell, and then stepping onto them and doing your pulls. Conversely, you can train strength off the floor by looping the bands around your squat rack and then the barbell.

    When you perform the deadlift, the load will become lighter as the barbell moves off the floor. We only wanted to bring this up to show that anyone can benefit from introducing these into their training - there is no question that the top strength training coaches and athletes rely on these, so why shouldn’t you? 

    Where To Buy The Best Resistance Loop Bands & Belts

    There is only one place worth looking if you’re ready to grab your resistance training equipment- right here at Iron Neck. We created the original neck strengthener, but we want to help individuals and professionals optimize their training or coaching through as many different techniques as possible.

    That’s why we offer the best resistance loop bands & training belts online, and at the best prices you’ll ever find. Shop now, and get ready to turn your life around through physical fitness!