How to Increase Neck Strength

How to Increase Neck Strength

How to Increase Neck Strength

Many don’t realize it, but learning how to increase neck strength is essential and often overlooked

Increasing neck strength has been proven to reduce the risk of injury, improve posture, and relieve tightness and stiffness that many suffer daily. Unfortunately, working desk jobs all day, staring at a computer, or even staring down at your phone are common denominators of neck pain in present-day society. Other factors like enforced poor posture and a lack of neck training for strength, flexibility, and mobility, are a few other problems that can cause neck pain.

That’s why we’re here to inform you of the massive benefits of increasing neck strength through neck training. By learning how to increase neck strength, you will find notable differences from when you first started with benefits like improved neck posture and a decrease in neck strain and tightness, only some of the few to be noted.

To learn how to obtain these incredible benefits achieved through learning how to increase neck strength, continue reading!


Why Are My Neck Muscles Weak in the First Place?

The neck, unfortunately, is not discussed enough in terms of training and strengthening to combat weak neck muscles. That’s why we’re here to discuss this critical issue so that you can decrease the risk of muscular imbalances, poor posture, and injury!

A variety of factors can cause weak neck muscles. Occasionally weak neck muscles are contributed by age-related changes. More often, weak neck muscles result from poor posture and a lack of neck training and stretching.

Most people sit at a desk and work at a computer all day, resulting in forward neck syndrome or “tech neck.” However, there are exercises that can combat tech neck, as seen in our post on how to fix forward head syndrome with neck postures exercises thankfully to combat this unappealing and painful poor posture that can result in muscular imbalances. This corrective training can aid in helping you regain control over your posture.

For some, a weak neck is the result of inevitable aging, resulting in a turkey neck and saggy skin. Some exercises like our neck tightening exercises can be used to tighten saggy skin while simultaneously improving neck strength.

Whether it be aging, poor posture, or a lack of training, neck training exercises can combat these uncomfortable and sometimes painful issues. That’s why we’ve put together this article on how to increase the strength of the neck, so your neck can be healthy, strong, and pain-free!


The Benefits of Learning How to Increase Neck Strength

There are crucial reasons for learning how to increase neck strength-the benefits!

Finding the importance of neck training and how to safely incorporate it into your daily routine can result in generous benefits like injury prevention and improved athletic performance. In addition, it can be a game-changer for aesthetics.

As discussed in our complete guide on neck training, the benefits of neck training extend to improved mobility, range of motion, flexibility, and strength. These benefits contribute to injury prevention, decreased possible muscular imbalances, and improved posture. Related to injury, most concussions and whiplash injuries are worsened with the condition of a weak neck. Therefore, for NASCAR drivers, football players, boxers, and other athletes, training the neck is a crucial role in their routine to protect them from injury.

Whether you’re an athlete or not, a lack of addressing poor neck posture will result in issues like a pinched nerve in the neck. Though we discuss the best exercises for a pinched nerve in the neck, it can’t be fixed unless it is addressed and neck strength is improved. That’s why we’ve pressed upon the importance of learning how to increase the strength of the neck----for safety, strength, and overall health!


How to Increase Neck Strength Quickly & Safely: the Step by Step Blueprint

Do you desire to learn how to increase the strength of the neck quickly and safely? If so, we’ve got you covered with this step-by-step blueprint showing you how to strengthen your neck and prevent injury!

Get The Right Gear

At Iron Neck, we’ve designed high-quality tools that are customized to be safe to train the neck for various dedications, including strength, flexibility, mobility, and performance. Our Iron Neck Strengthening Device is the world’s #1 neck strength device. It eliminates neck pain and reverses poor posture using high-quality equipment catered for safe neck training.

Using our resistance loops and neck workout harness, you can step up your daily routine and improve your overall neck health. This durable equipment specially designed for the neck provides resistance to the neck in a safe manner. The applied resistance improves strength, posture, flexibility, and mobility in the neck. If you desire to strengthen a weak neck prone to injury, investing in Iron Neck is the way to do it!

Choose Your Neck Strengthening Exercises Carefully

Make sure to choose your neck strengthening exercises carefully! Not all exercises are created equal, especially concerning the neck- a fragile body part. To prevent injury or strain, check out our post for the best neck exercises for strength & mass. Each exercise is catered for the neck to improve neck strength.

Chin Tuck

A powerful neck exercise, the chin tuck is an effective neck training movement that can be done in the comfort of your home or at your desk at work. This exercise strengthens the muscles responsible for ensuring the head is in alignment over the shoulders.

Thoracic Rotation

Done in a half-kneeling position, a thoracic rotation is a commonly used exercise in health and fitness. This exercise relieves pain in the neck and back by improving the spine’s rotational abilities and mobility.

Scapular Retraction

An effective neck exercise, scapular retractions are used to stretch the neck and upper back muscles. As a result, tension and strain in the neck and upper back region are relieved by targeting these muscles. This movement is also effective in improving posture!

Incorporate Neck Training Into The Rest of Your Regimen

How often do you train? Whether it be two or six, we recommend incorporating neck training into your weekly regimen anywhere from two to three days a week. Add a rest day between your neck training in the beginning so as not to strain your neck, which can increase the risk of injury.

When learning how to build neck strength and beginning your journey, starting small with the two to three additions of neck training into your weekly routine is essential. Once you’ve become accustomed to this amount, you can add a few more days of neck training if you desire.

Dial in Recovery & Diet

We’ve said it once, and we’ll repeat it ----recovery and diet are crucial for optimal results in your neck training and just about every aspect of life.

If you desire results, dial into proper and effective recovery, and diet must be focused on during your neck training journey. The quality of food is more important than quantity. Focus on eating whole foods and lessening the consumption of processed foods is a big step. These whole foods contain essential nutrients that fuel your body but strengthen your body’s defenses against disease. These nutrients also speed up recovery, shortening the time needed to get back into training while optimizing the quality of your training results.

Track Progress & Adjust as Necessary

Our Iron Neck exercise equipment for neck muscles, including resistance training belts and our practical neck weight harness, may be highly effective. Still, you must track your progress and adjust when necessary.

Tracking your progress can help you stay focused on your goal and what needs to be adjusted to reach it. Sometimes it’s more rest or heavier resistance load. It depends. But if you’re not tracking how each week is progressing, you won’t know when it’s time to adjust to encourage more progress to reach your goals.

Always set realistic goals. Start small and build up from there. Beginning your journey with unrealistic goals will only result in disappointment at the end, which for many can result in giving up before anything has started due to idealistic expectations. Many methods can be utilized to track your progress, including apps, excel sheets, or the good ‘ole pen and paper. Whatever option works best for you!


Final Thoughts on How to Build Neck Strength

Learning how to build neck strength is an objective that many are not aware of its importance. Our article expands on the in-depth knowledge of the benefits of training the neck for strength, including injury prevention, improved sports performance, and posture correction.

With Iron Neck’s impressive high-quality equipment designed to be durable and customized to train the neck safely, you will notice magnanimous results from a dedicated neck training routine. So, train your neck today with Iron Neck’s equipment for a healthy, strong neck!