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The Best Neck Pain Gifts of 2021

The Best Neck Pain Gifts of 2021

Do you have a loved one who complains about having back or neck pain all year? If so, you know how debilitating it can be. It quite literally affects their day-to-day life. Chronic back or neck pain is a serious matter, and if your loved one doesn't do something to fix the situation, it will only make it worse.

Do them a favor this Christmas by giving them the gift of a pain-free life. Today, we're going to share the best back and neck pain relief gifts of 2021. You can't go wrong with these gifts - trust us. When they get to unwrap it on Christmas day, they'll be thanking you for the months or years to come!


Why are neck & back pain gifts such a great idea?

Chronic neck and back pain can be an extremely debilitating condition. People suffering from chronic pain of any sort, but particularly neck and back pain, can have a hard time doing work or even everyday life activities. It doesn't only make things physically difficult. It can take a toll on their mental health as well. That's why gifts that can help alleviate chronic pain are such a great idea. Instead of getting them some clothes that will just get jammed to the bottom of their dresser drawer, get them something that will change their lives. Let's take a look at some of the top chronic pain gift ideas of the year.


What Are the best neck pain gift ideas of 2021?

This list contains highly rated and reviewed neck and back pain relief items. They have all been proven to work. We also made sure to include items in every price range so that you're sure to find a gift that fits well into your budget. Although many of these gifts are for short-term or temporary pain relief, there are certain items on this list that can help your loved ones treat their chronic neck and back pain once and for all. So without further ado, here's a list of the best gifts you can give to your loved ones suffering from chronic back pain. We're going to start with the #1 option of all - the Iron Neck.

The iron neck (Best for long-term pain relief)

Did you know that a root cause of neck and back pain is a weak neck? Our necks are covered by a layer of muscle that not only helps to carry the weight of our head but protects our spine from future injuries as well. Just like any other muscle in our body, our neck muscles need to be exercised. The thing with our spine is that as long as one area is affected (i.e. the neck) the entire area is affected too. Without training, our neck muscles weaken. As a result, our entire spine is more vulnerable to strains, sprains, and other injuries that lead to back and neck pain.

And, those with weak necks tend to have a harder time maintaining great posture. This leads to the dreaded forward head syndrome, which causes serious pain. That's where the Iron Neck comes in. The Iron Neck is the world's #1 neck trainer and strengthener. It's an exercise device that was created to help strengthen athletes' necks. It is especially helpful to those playing contact or combat sports (e.g. football, rugby, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, etc.), to prevent them from getting a concussion or injuring their cervical spine.

Today, the Iron Neck is not only being used by athletes and their coaches but by hundreds of physical therapists all over the world treating their patient's chronic neck and back pain. Thousands of individuals already include the Iron Neck in their personal exercise routines. If you're looking for a gift that would not only help relieve pain but treat it, the Iron Neck is the perfect gift for your loved one. It comes in three different models:

Iron Neck starter

The Iron Neck Starter is perfect for first-time neck trainers and for use in physical therapy. It has no friction, allowing the user to experience exceptionally smooth and easy rotation in their training.

Iron Neck Varsity

Unlike the Starter model, the Iron Neck Varsity has low, steady friction applied to the slider. This adds rotational resistance to your neck strengthening workout and is an excellent choice for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. This model, however, is not recommended for rehabilitation purposes.

Iron Neck Pro

The Iron Neck Pro is great for all neck training levels. Thanks to its Variable Friction Dial, you can adjust the rotational resistance, starting from completely friction-free then building your way up to higher resistance levels. Although it is the most expensive model among the three, it's the most cost-effective since it's meant to be for long-term use.

Neck Harness & resistance bands

The Iron Neck is the best choice for neck pain and neck training, but we understand that it isn't the most affordable gift idea out there. If you're shopping on a stricter budget, our collection of neck harnesses and resistance bands is the next best thing. Keep in mind that neck exercises are limited when using just neck harnesses and resistance bands. You won't unlock 360-degree training like with the Iron Neck. But, your loved one will still be able to do their neck training and relieve neck pain for a quarter of the Iron Neck's price. The resistance bands are also multi-purpose and can be used for a whole range of other full-body exercises and not just neck training.

A professional massage

Stress can create a lot of tension in our bodies. This results in tight muscles and a tense neck. If you notice that your loved one is always stressed, it might be what's causing their sore muscles and neck pain. So why not give them the gift of relaxation? A deep kneading massage such as Shiatsu, Swedish, deep-tissue massage, or sports massage is great for instant relief of tight neck muscles. It might only treat their back and neck pain temporarily, but it's still a great gift nonetheless. And, it is incredibly thoughtful.

epsom salts

Epsom salts are made of magnesium sulfate and should not be confused with table salt. Magnesium is known to be one of the most important minerals for a normal bone structure in our bodies. Taking a 12-30 minutes bath with Epsom salts is not only great for relaxation, but it also allows our bodies to absorb the magnesium which can help our muscles relax, decrease pain, and reduce inflammation in the body. Combine this with some essential oils for aromatherapy, and you've got yourself one DIY home-spa self-care kit. These days, you can buy some pretty awesome Epsom salt bath mixes that do wonders for neck pain.

CBD cream or balm

Cannabidiol (CBD) is becoming increasingly popular in the medical field these days. Its claim to fame is its fast-acting temporary pain and stress relief. CBD treatments come in all forms, from oral to topical. Although CBD is best for relief when taken orally, CBD topicals are easier to get your hands on and work just as well. The relief might be short-lived but it's enough to help those suffering get through their day pain-free.

Acupressure mat

Acupressure is an ancient Chinese therapy known to help with pain. The acupressure mat is covered with tiny spikes that are meant to target your pressure points which help get rid of the blockages in our neuro-vascular pathways. Yes, it looks painful, and it is at first. This isn't the type of gift you can give to just anyone. But if your loved one is the no-pain-no-gain type, this will be a great gift idea for them. Their muscles are going to be much more relaxed, they'll clear up stiffness, enjoy better blood flow, and—most importantly—manage their pain.

Heating pad

Now that we're moving into the colder seasons, you might notice that your loved ones' pain is getting worse. That's because cold temperatures can actually aggravate back pain and sore muscles, making the holiday seasons a little less cheery and a lot more dreary for them. Help your loved ones enjoy a painless winter with an electric heating pad. It will keep them warm and cozy throughout the colder seasons, and help them get their blood flowing in stiff, painful areas like the neck.

Memory foam pillows

Our posture doesn't only matter while we're sitting or standing throughout the day. It also matters while we're sleeping. A lot of us don't realize that we're actually sleeping in the wrong position which may be causing neck and back pain. To ensure that your loved one is getting the best sleep of their lives and that they wake up every day pain-free get them a memory foam pillow. Memory foam pillows are the best type of pillow for relieving and preventing neck and back pain. This is because it gives the best support.

Ergonomic Office Chair

If your loved one works a desk job, they surely spend the majority of their day sitting down. Sitting down for prolonged periods weakens our core and forces us to slouch more often. This affects our posture which then leads to neck and back pain.

To keep your loved one from slouching and altering the natural curve of their spine they'll need an ergonomic office chair that supports their neck and back while they're working.


Give them the gift of pain relief & strength this season!

The best gift ideas are the ones that make that special someone feel genuinely loved and cared for. Make your loved one's holidays ten times more special this year by giving them the gift of pain relief. All the gift ideas listed above are great for pain relief, but if you want to give the best gift possible—look no further than the Iron Neck. The Iron Neck can help them strengthen their neck, improve their posture, relieve pain, and rehabilitate any existing neck and back injuries.

Plenty of the gifts on this list are only for short-term pain relief. And though they are great for short-term relief, that's exactly all they're good for—short-term. It may help them now but the longer their pain goes untreated, the worse it gets and the less effective these short-term fixes will be.

With the Iron Neck, they get to target the root cause of their neck pain—i.e. having a weak neck-through strength training with the Iron Neck, that certain someone gets to improve their overall quality of life and live pain-free for the long term. Do you really want to keep giving them band-aid solutions that will end up being less effective and more expensive in the long run? Or do you want to get them the best gift that will change their life for good? Shop now and you're sure to knock gift-giving out of the park this year! Then, steer them towards our complete guide on how to train the neck for more information on starting their wellness journey.