Joe Kenn

Developing Safer Football Athletes

2015 NFL S&C Coach of the Year

Meet Joe

Joe Kenn is an experienced Performance Specialist and Strength and Conditioning Coach who has spent over 30 years in the field. With 9 years of professional experience as NFL Head Strength and Conditioning Coach, Joe is a sought-after speaker at national, regional, and state levels. He has developed effective training methodologies like Tier System Strength Training methodology and Block Zero Concept – an introductory program for athletes just starting out on their performance journey.

Joe’s Picks

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Coaching & Leadership

Joe’s goals when it comes to coaching and leadership is to lead the way in physical and mental development by mentoring athletes who are serious about pursuing this career. He specializes in General Physical Preparation Coaching services for all competitive athletes.

Coach Kenn has a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Health and Sports Science as well as a Master’s of Arts in Education with an emphasis in Curriculum and Instruction and holds several of the top certifications in his field.

Joe Kenn knows the importance of protecting athletes from injury. That is why he endorses Iron Neck, a specialized neck strengthening device designed for coaches and athletes. According to Joe, Iron Neck is one of the most versatile products he has used, making it a top priority for coaches who are serious about protecting their athletes.

The research shows that stronger necks drastically reduce the risk of injury and should be taken seriously by everyone involved in sports. As Joe puts it: "Don’t think ‘that’s not happening to me’ until you put your head down wrong and now you’re out for 6 weeks with a concussion."

“The research says, stronger neck decreases risk, That’s why from a coaching standpoint if it’s that important and your goal is to protect athletes it needs to be upfront.”