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Matthew M.

BJJ & Physical Therapy

My neck has been bothering me for the past month do to aBJJhead and arm chock. I work in the physical therapy industry, and after a week my cervical pain has lessened. I have applied my knowledge and Iron Neck philosophy and have been impressed of the results.

Mary U.

Everything & More

I practiced Orthopedic Surgery for ~40 years and treated a lot of degenerative neck disease. Now I have the same diagnosis. My Ortho Spine Surgeon suggested that I try the Iron neck product... it is everything and more.

Robert Q.

Neck Pain from BJJ

Since starting to use the Iron Neck a few days a week my neck pain has subsided and my neck feels stronger already. I was simulating some of the movements using exercise bands before purchasing the Iron Neck, but found the freedom of movement and ease of working in and between different planes of neck movement.

Scott A.

Very Impressive

I finally purchased my iron neck due to a sore/stiff neck and headaches after riding my enduro bike. I have only been using it for 2 weeks and have noticed a huge difference allready. thankyou iron neck.

Sean H.

Love My Iron Neck!

The Iron Neck rehab device has been a game-changer in my recovery from two slipped discs in my neck. Its professional build quality, versatility, and adjustable resistance levels make it accessible for users of all fitness levels.


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Iron Neck 3.0 Comparison

Iron Neck 3rd Gen. Comparison


The difference between our 3.0 and 3.0 Pro models come down to the ability to add rotational resistance to your training. Both come standard with a 25 lb. resistance band, skull cap, and home & gym setup anchors.

Iron Neck 3.0 Pro Neck Training Iron Neck
Iron Neck 3.0 Pro Sale price$599.00
Iron Neck 3.0 Neck Training Iron Neck
Iron Neck 3.0 Sale price$349.00
360° Rotation



Linear Resistance



Rotational Resistance



Variable Friction Dial



About The Training

Iron Neck provides users with 360° Rotation while training every part of the neck through isometrics. Since resistance is applied from a high lever point on the body, muscles throughout the entire kinetic chain are activated and engaged.

Lasting Pain Relief

Fix the root cause of your pain by strengthening fatigued muscles using safe & effective therapy.

All Around Better Posture

Treat muscle imbalances & mobility deficits by incorporating 360 degree training only found with Iron Neck.

An Investment in Longevity

Avoid the #1 most costly health issue in the US: Neck & Back Pain. Make injury prevention a priority by investing in your health now.

Person using Iron Neck in the comfort of their home

You're In Control

Linear resistance can be increased by stretching the resistance band out farther. Moving closer to the anchor point reduces the resistance.

360° Degree Neck Therapy

Iron Neck targets all the muscles in your neck, from the deep neck flexors that promote improved posture to the levator scapulae, often associated with neck stiffness.

It is the single best thing I've ever used for developing neck muscles.
It actually helped to alleviate my laptop-induced neck pain and inflexibility.
The device is miles better than anything else on the market currently.