Geena Urango | Iron Neck Ambassador

There's something in the sand

As a professional outdoor volleyball player, Geena displays a high level of coordination, endurance and technical skills. She spends long days in the sand and often plays back-to-back matches while maintaining a loaded stance and preparing for burst movements. When she introduced Iron Neck to her training she noticed improvements with her core stabilization and endurance.



 “I get a lot of tightness in my neck And my thoracic area so using the Iron Neck is a great way to loosen them up and increase my range of motion."

Playing hard every match can lead overhead athletes like Geena to experience tightness in the neck. Iron Neck assists in strengthening these weakened muscles to decrease pressure from swings. Geena says, “head and neck injuries happen more often than you’d think, so it’s important to keep my neck strong for moves like dives and dodges." Playing on an outdoor volleyball court means Geena must also navigate uneven surfaces while maintaining a quick reaction time.