Corey Beasley

He's Who You Want in Your Corner. 

Behind every great athlete is a great strength and conditioning coach. Corey Beasley has been training combat athletes for over two decades, including the likes of Marlon Chito Vera, Carla Esparza, and Frank Camacho.

“I love watching athletes develop, overcome, and reach their goals,” says Beasley. Realizing the lack of resources for grapplers and fighters, Beasley founded Fight Camp Conditioning, now, to showcase workouts, strength coaches and other health professionals that support combat athletes.

Beasley helped bring together many of the top strength and conditioning coaches in the MM


“When you’re looking for a competitive edge, neck strengthening plays a big part. Iron Neck helps me and my athletes to train our neck muscles quickly and effectively for peak physical condition."


Beasley is known for his ability to combine unconventional training methods with timeless strategies that influence long-term results. When he discovered Iron Neck, it quickly fit the bill. “It’s amazing how different that stimulus is when you change your body position,” he adds. “A lot of the trap tightness I had went away immediately.”

Beasley’s approach to integrating Iron Neck is intended to address neck issues, shoulder problems, and poor posture. From an efficiency standpoint, Iron Neck pairs perfectly with in-action drills including resistance training and battle ropes. Innovative results require innovative techniques and Corey Beasley has used Iron Neck to maximize results while minimizing risks.