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    Iron Neck Varsity | Team Edition

    The Iron Neck Varsity is perfect for fitness enthusiasts and amateur athletes with a history of neck strengthening, particularly wrestlers and bjj/mma athletes. What makes this model unique is the low, steady friction applied to the slider as you turn your body or rotate your head. This introduces concentric strength training and will turbo-charge your workout as you’re incorporating multiple forms of resistance at once in nearly every exercise. The Varsity is ideal for increasing neck size, improving stability and core strength, resisting chokes and head rotation, and reducing risk of concussions in contact sports.  We don’t generally recommend this model for early-stage rehabilitation.

    Every Iron Neck Varsity comes with a 3-pack of interchangeable front pads and is equipped with AirFit technology to inflate the rear pad, allowing for a snug, custom fit for every head size and shape. It also includes a 25 lb resistance band, an EZ Cinch Anchor, and 4 Skull Caps for extra comfort and sanitation. Our bands are cloth-wrapped for added durability and safety, resting at 3 feet in length and able to stretch to 9 feet for maximum tension. High quality steel carabiners on each end provide a strong, secure connection to either anchor option, allowing you to train at home or on the go.


    Each Varsity comes with:

    • 1 x Getting Started Guide
    • 1 x Exercise Poster
    • 1 x 25 lb. Resistance Band
    • 1 x EZ Cinch Anchor 
    • 4 x Skull Caps