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    Speed Training Bundle

    Speed Training Bundle


    • Description

    The Iron Neck Speed Training Bundle is an all-sport, all-purpose resistance trainer that can be used with or without a partner. By adding an element of resistance (or assistance) to virtually any drill, this simple portable belt-and-cable system allows athletes to go through a full range of natural movements while developing greater power, quickness, and explosiveness.

    The 30 foot sheathed band stretches from 10 to 30 feet with resistance that increases from 10LB to 35LB. 

    • 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee


    1. Fasten the Speed Training Belt around your waist. Tighten by looping the adjustable belt through the square rings and firmly pressing the hook and loop fastener together. The belt should lay flat for the free-motion ring to operate smoothly. NOTE: The Speed Training Bundle should fit snugly around the waist without restricting movement.

    2. Attach one or both ends of the bungee by clipping the attached metal carabiner to the free-motion ring on the Speed Training Belt.

    3. Anchor the other end of the bungee by clipping the attached metal carabiner to a stationary point. A stationary point is any structure that is completely stable. Anchor point should be at the same level as your waist or lower.

    • Key Benefits

    Body MUSCLE

    Effective for both core and lower body training


    Perfect for the injured person to improve muscle regeneration


    Effectively reduce fat in the legs and waist

    Mobility TrainiNG

    Exercise fast twitch muscles and build speed and agility

    Speed Training Belt


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