Power Bands

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Our Power Bands are made from a durable latex rubber, and come in five different color-coded resistance levels. Our extra-light and light bands offer light resistance for general conditioning and rehab. Our medium band delivers “average” resistance for banded bench presses and squats + more intense mobility work. Our heavy and extra-heavy maximum resistance for experienced, high-level athletes looking to get more out of their squats, deadlifts, leg presses, shrugs, etc.

All Iron Neck Power Bands measure the same 41” in length, and feature exclusive Iron Neck branding. Customers can order the band or bands best suited to their needs, whether you just want a better way to stretch in your home gym, or you need to fully equip a large training facility with a variety of bands for multiple uses.


⚪ㅤGeneral Mobility Work
⚪ㅤSpeed and Agility training
⚪ㅤGeneral Conditioning

Size: Set of 5