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    Hip & Glute Loops

    Hip & Glute Loops


    • Description

    Iron Neck Hip & Glute Loops come in three different resistance levels, making them a great full-body training option for users of any size and experience level. Cost-effective and easy to use in a home gym / office, the versatility of these quality resistance bands also makes them a wise option for personal trainers or owners of a large-scale training facility, where a full package of bands can easily meet the needs of multiple athletes. Each band is 9" long.

    Loop Resistance Levels:

    Light - Tan

    Medium - Army Green

    Heavy - Dark Green

    • 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

    Applicable Band Uses:

    Iron Neck Hip & Glute Loops can be utilized for targeted rehab work, physical therapy, mobility training, or countless everyday exercises to strengthen the legs, glutes, core, arms, back, and more. They’re made from highly durable dipped latex and are particularly optimized for short, limited movements.

    • Key Benefits


    Effective for both upper and lower body training


    Perfect for the injured person to improve muscle regeneration


    Effectively reduce fat in the arms, legs and waist

    Mobility TrainiNG

    Exercise fast twitch muscles and build speed and agility