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Iron Neck Varsity gives you the full range isometric neck and core training of the Pro but with a low, fixed rotational resistance that helps build essential rotational strength, especially in young athletes.

​Iron Neck Varsity works with any weight-loaded cable pulley system, pneumatic resistance machine or resistance band. With our resistance bands, you can use the Iron Neck anywhere. The cinch anchor securely loops around any stable vertical post (i.e. squat rack, structural column, goal post, basketball hoop, etc). Clip one end of the resistance band into the cinch anchor and the other into the Iron Neck and you're good to go!
For door setup, add a door anchor or door belt to turn any door into an Iron Neck workout station!
​ STEP ONE     Select Iron Neck Size (see chart in images)
  • Standard: fits heads with cap sizes 6 1/2" - 7 1/8" (head circumference 20 1/2" - 22 1/2")
  • Large: fits heads with cap sizes 7 1/8" - 8" (head circumference 22 1/2" - 26")
STEP TWO     Select Resistance Band (see images for explanation)
Starter (0-25 lbs resistance)
  • Intermediate (0-35 lbs resistance)
  • Advanced (0-50 lbs resistance)


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Sebastian O.
United States

Quality Product But One Improvement Needed

I bought the Iron Neck Varsity recently and now have used it about a half dozen times in my garage-style home gym . Impressions so far. It is a well-designed product. The materials are durable and sound -- it's not going to break from an inadvertent drop or the normal clanging around that goes on in the gym. The head piece fits snugly as it must given the different movements and weight- or tension-bearing needed for the Iron Neck's use. The pump valve to refine the fit is ingenious and the head pads firm but not uncomfortable. The roller moves smoothly but it would be nice if it had the capability to be tightened and fixed place for certain exercises. The recommended exercises seem to cover most of the neck's primary movements and I am sure more will emerge as the Iron Neck gains in popularity (along with the inevitable gimmicky ones using it in combo with bosu and stability balls. But I digress). It's too early for me to judge if my neck muscles have strengthened but they do feel used the next day without being overly sore. I think over time my range of motion will get better too. Now for the one flaw and why it doesn't get the full 5 stars. The chin strap looks like it came off a bicycle helmet. It digs into my neck with some of the movements and in others it has loosened and I have had to stop and re-tighten. A thicker more durable strap with a foam liner under the chin part of the strap would be a significant improvement and its cost negligible given the overall cost of the product. It should not have been skimped on and I would recommend that the manufacturer address this issue sooner rather later. Other than that critique, I am so far enjoying the Iron Neck's use and looking forward to seeing long-term benefit in terms of improved neck function and strength.

Donnie H.
United States

Easy to use

Just started using the Iron Neck. So far so good. It takes a few sessions to get it adjusted but then it's all good. Enjoy using it.

Douglas F.
United States

Almost Perfect

I am still recovering from a neck injury and haven’t been able to do all of the exercises yet. The reason I am not giving it a 5/5 is due to the chin strap. It loosens up as you use it, and for the price that we pay for it, I would hope they can come up with a better solution. That said, the rest of it seems well built and sturdy.

Nathan B.
United States

Great stuff

I’ve never had as much neck pain relief and what seems like long term stability and strength return from anything for my neck

Jesse H.
United States

Simple to use with great results

Iron neck is a simple product that can be used by all types of people to strengthen their neck. Iron Neck doesn’t take advanced knowledge or vast amount of time to improve your neck strength.



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