Iron Neck Varsity | Team Edition

Iron Neck Varsity is great for most athletes looking to incorporate rotational strength training in addition to the isometric and eccentric training benefits applied by a resistance band or cable pulley machine. This model incorporates a brake pad beneath the slider to apply friction during rotational movements, which introduces an aspect of concentric training.

All three models are capable of performing the same exercises and allow you to apply as much horizontal resistance as desired. If using a resistance band, simply move closer or step farther away from the anchor point until the intended resistance is applied. If using a weight-loaded (or pneumatic) cable pulley machine, it’s easy to apply a very specific amount of resistance, no matter how far you stand from the machine.

Each Varsity comes with:

  • 1 x Getting Started Guide
  • 1 x Exercise Poster
  • 1 x 35 lb. Resistance Band
  • 1 x EZ Cinch Anchor 
  • 4 x Skull Caps 

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