Iron Neck Pro Bundle ( Closeout )

Iron Necks in this section are either brand new, factory seconds that didn’t meet our quality standards or slightly used / demo units. These items may have minor cosmetic issues such as finish blemishes or inconsistencies. All Closeout products are limited time, clearance units. These Iron Necks will perform to standard and are fully functional and safe to train with, but do not carry a warranty and all sales are final.

Iron Neck Pro is our premium product and the world's most versatile neck strengthening device. With the variable friction dial, you can adjust the level of rotational friction applied when turning your head. The result? Athletes and patients can adapt any form of neck training to meet a number of training goals. Rehabbing neck injuries can be done safely under little or no rotational resistance, while athletes can build strength by applying more friction with the variable friction dial.

Every Iron Neck Pro comes with: 

  • 25 lb. Resistance Band
  • Door Anchor
  • Door Belt
  • Cinch Anchor
  • Skull Cap
  • Exercise Poster
  • Interchangeable Front Pads (3)

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