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    Iron Neck Pro Bundle - $175 OFF




    • Description
    • What's Included  

    The Iron Neck Pro is our most popular model and combines the best features from the Starter and Varsity models, making it the ideal choice for rehabilitation, reducing injury risk, and strength training applications. The variable friction dial works similar to a brake in a spinning bike, allowing you to adjust the amount of friction applied and take complete control over your training. Start friction-free to focus on form and proper biomechanics, then as you get stronger and more comfortable with the system, you can increase the friction to bust through training plateaus and accelerate strength gains.

    - 25 lb. Resistance Band

    - Door Belt

    - Cinch Anchor
    - Door Anchor

    - Skull Cap

    - Exercise Poster

    - Set of 3 Interchangeable Front Pads

    • 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

    • Product Features


    Start friction-free to focus on form and proper biomechanics, then increase the friction to bust through training plateaus


    A custom fit is key. Inflate the rear pad with air using the AIRFIT Bulb to keep the Iron Neck snug


    Heads come in all sizes. Our pads use hook and loop connections to remove quickly and easily


    Set the height of your Iron Neck by using our colored bracket emblems

    • Key Benefits

    Improved Posture

    Build neck strength to counter "tech neck"

    Pain Relief

    Eliminate pain and stiffness in your neck and back

    Injury Prevention

    Prepare your neck for concussive whiplash forces

    Accelerated Rehab

    Speed up neck, back and shoulder recovery

    • Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: How do I setup the Iron Neck? 

    Iron Neck can be used in any of the following three ways:

    • Connecting to a secured vertical post using a resistance band and a cinch anchor
    • Connecting to door using door belt or door anchor
    • Clipping into an adjustable cable pulley system 

    If connecting to a cable pulley weight stack, you will only need the Iron Neck. Every Iron Neck purchase comes with a resistance band, connection anchor, and skull cap. Teams often work Iron Neck into their lift rotation by connecting them to their squat racks using the resistance band and cinch anchor. The resistance band gives you the portability to use the Iron Neck almost anywhere.

    Q: Where does the resistance come from?

    There are two potential forms of resistance training with Iron Neck: horizontal and rotational. The horizontal resistance comes from connecting the Iron Neck to a resistance band or cable pulley machine, pulling you from a very high lever point on the body, requiring muscle activation throughout the entire kinetic chain. Rotational resistance, available in our Varsity and Pro models, is applied using a tension brake as the slider moves around the guide track. Fixed resistance with the Varsity model. Adjustable resistance with the Pro model.

    Q: Why is rotational resistance important?

    Rotational resistance is most important for athletes due to how rotational head acceleration can affect the brain. Rotational forces are believed to be even more injurious to the brain than linear forces because it can cause twisting and tearing at the brain stem. Part of the neck’s job is to slow head acceleration after impact or a fall to the ground to reduce the amount of force/energy transferred from the body to the brain. Building rotational neck strength adds another layer of protection against concussion risk.

    Q: What is covered under warranty?

    Iron Neck is fully warranted against manufacturing defects for a period of one year after purchase. Costs for shipping, material and labor are covered under first year warranty. After 1 year, Iron Neck will repair damage to Iron Neck at customer's expense. If for any reason you experience mechanical failure during intended use, reach out to us at support@iron-neck.com.

    Exercise Roadmap

    Seamlessly transition through phases of Iron Neck training while building neck strength and improving posture, mobility and technique.