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Have a wide range of head sizes using your Iron Neck? Add an interchangeable front pad so that everyone can easily get an ideal fit during their training sessions with Iron Neck.

While all Iron Neck models fit on the head using the same air bladder fitting system, all are available with either a Standard or Large size front pad. This size difference is based on the thickness of the front/forehead pad.

  • The Standard pad is 1.5" in diameter in the middle of the pad and is our best fit for the majority of head sizes (cap sizes below 7 1/8).
  • The Large pad is 0.5" in diameter in the middle of the pad and is intended for individuals with larger heads (cap sizes above 7 1/8).

Select which replacement pad (Standard or Large) that you would like to receive. 

When removing a velcro-backed front pad from your unit, always pull from the velcro, not the pad.

New Velcro Pad Installation (Legacy Iron Neck)

  1. Peel existing pad off
  2. Clear surface of any debris from pad
  3. Remove adhesive backing of male velcro strip and firmly apply, evenly and centered, along inside front of inner ring.
  4. Center and align pad and press firmly into front inner ring (as shown in picture)

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Jason M.
United States

Excellent customer service- iron neck is a must have

My large iron neck was a little big- I reached out to the guys at iron neck and they responded immediately to my inquiries, listened to my problem, sent me the info I needed and got me fixed up with a new frontpad. Fixed all of my problems- I love the iron neck- FYI, if you’re on the smaller end of the large (I’m a 7 1/4 hat size) opt for the standard size. It’s a little right at first but the foam breaks down after a bit and it fits like a glove. Highly recommended

Jerry C.
United States

Great addition to my training offerings

I received my Iron Neck around two weeks ago and have gotten in 6 training sessions with it, since. It has been a quick learning curve on using it and it is going to add a lot to what I can offer in my training for athletes. I use it as part of my dynamic warm-up before my lifting sessions. The device is solid, easy to adjust, stays in place, and does everything I want it to do. I can't wait to see my own results and the results with my future clients. Highly recommend. -Jerry Collett

David C.
United States

Iron Neck Front Pad Replacement

I lost the free pad replacement sent to me while I was recovering from surgery so I ordered and paid for one. Although tight/snug it requires very little pump, as compared to the original, and therefore fits well. As a result, the device is more secure and with less bobble and movement the exercise is better. I am happy.





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