Interchangeable Front Pad

Iron Neck


Have a wide range of head sizes using your Iron Neck? Or, maybe you just want to share with a friend or family member?

Iron Neck front pads are interchangeable to ensure the perfect fit for everyone. With each Iron Neck purchase, you have the option to choose either a S/M or L/XL size front pad to be installed. If you'd like to add an additional pad, you can do so here.

* The S/M front pad is 1 1/2" thick and intended for small or medium sized heads (cap sizes below 7 1/8", or head circumference below 22 1/2").

* The L/XL front pad is 1/2" thick and intended for larger heads (cap sizes above 7 1/8", or head circumference above 22 1/2").

    Select which replacement pad (S/M or L/XL) you would like to receive. Learn more about Iron Neck sizing and fitting instructions. 

    When removing/interchanging a velcro-backed front pad from your Iron Neck, always peel from the velcro, do not pull the pad.

    New Velcro Pad Installation (Legacy Iron Neck)

    1. Peel existing pad off

    2. Clear surface of any debris from pad

    3. Remove adhesive backing of male velcro strip and firmly apply, evenly and centered, along inside front of inner ring.

    4. Center and align pad and press firmly into front inner ring (as shown in picture)

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