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    Hip & Glute Training Band

    Hip & Glute Training Band


    • Description

    The Hip & Glute Training Band delivers a higher level of lower body resistance training. By positioning the circle above the knees during a warm-up walk—be it forward, backward, or side-to-side movements--you can strengthen your hip abductors and external rotators while training better form and alignment for your squats and deadlifts. You can also wear the Hip & Glute Training Band during the lift itself to help keep your knees properly pushed out and reduce potential injury risks.

    • 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

    Applicable Band Uses:

    The Hip & Glute Training Band is a great alternative to traditional mobility bands for this type of training, as it won’t slide or slip during use and won’t stick to your skin or rip your leg hair out, either. At a budget price, this is a virtual must-have accessory.

    • Key Benefits


    Effective for both upper and lower body training


    Perfect for the injured person to improve muscle regeneration


    Effectively reduce fat in the arms, legs and waist

    Mobility TrainiNG

    Exercise fast twitch muscles and build speed and agility