Iron Neck

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  1. Iron Neck is worn around the head and attached to a resistance band or cable pulley machine to create horizontal tension (otherwise it's just a really cool, tight fitting hat). Because horizontal forces are applied from such a high lever point, the entire body is forced to engage in isometric muscle activation.
  2. Simply standing in place (while facing the anchor point) fully engages the posterior neck muscles, as well as the lower back, glutes, hamstrings, and calves. Everything from your neck to the floor is working to keep from being pulled over by the horizontal force.
  3. Unlike other training methods, Iron Neck has a 360 degree track that allows you to rotate in place and seamlessly shift muscle activation around the entire body. Based on the direction you're facing, different muscle groups are recruited to resist the horizontal force (which maintains the same line of pull at all times).
  4. Facing away from the anchor point engages the anterior neck muscles and the core. Most people are weakest in this position.
  5. Keep the shoulders square and rotate the head left and right to increase range of motion and neck strength in every position. Progress up to protraction/retraction and diagonal movements, then eventually figure eights and more core focused exercises.
  6. You can also adjust the pivot joint (rotate at the waist versus the neck) or adjust anchor position (lower the anchor point to accomplish sideways diagonals) to vary your workout.
  7. Optimize your workout by pairing Iron Neck with other exercises such as band pull-aparts, DB/KB raises, and medicine ball twists (or throws). Rate of force development, explosiveness, torque, and power can all be enhanced in these combos.





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