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Battle Ropes

Our all black Poly Dacron Battle Ropes are superior alternative to less expensive manila, and perfect for high-traffic, CrossFit® Affiliate applications. Three strands of synthetic material and rubber ends make it resistant to fraying and very durable. 

Our Battle Rope are convenient for indoor/outdoor use, with sealed ends for a firm grip. Build power and strength by targeting arms, core, and shoulder using an array of movements. The include double waves and alternating waves to power slams, figure 8s, jumping jacks, snakes, claps, and more.


⚪ㅤLength 40ft.
⚪ㅤDiameter 1.5"
⚪ㅤWieght: 16lbs. 
⚪ㅤIron Neck Branding

Includes Cinch Anchor to weave rope through