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Iron Neck Pro features our Variable Friction Dial, allowing you to adjust the amount of friction applied when turning your head. This works similar to a adjustable brake in a spinning bike. Start friction-free to focus on form and proper biomechanics, then as you get stronger and more comfortable with the system, you can increase the friction.



⚪ㅤ Eliminate Pain
⚪ㅤ Rehab Neck Injuries

⚪ㅤ Improve Posture
⚪ㅤ Reduce Injury Risk
⚪ㅤ Increase Range of Motion
⚪ㅤ Treat Clinic Patients
⚪ㅤ Train Athletes & Clients


What's Included 

25 lb. Resistance Band, Door Anchor, Cinch Anchor, Door Belt, Skull Cap, 3 Front Pads