Jean Jacques Machado | Iron Neck Ambassador

A Living Legend

Meet Jean Jacques Machado, the legendary Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) instructor and one of five brothers of the renowned Machado family. Machado is one of the most respected instructors in the world of BJJ. Watch and read more below on his story. 



 “Never Trust Your Neck”

Jean Jacques has always understood how crucial neck training is in BJJ. When he has been on the Joe Rogan podcast, they’ll joke that “you can never trust your neck.” From an early age, Machado was always strengthening his neck, experimenting with different methods.

“Because I was always strengthening my neck,” Jean Jacques explains, “I never had any neck injuries over 40 years.” Iron Neck has only been a part of Machado’s training since 2018, but instantly he was drawn to how easy it was to train with. “What I liked about Iron Neck was that I could build strength in very specific positions that I am grappling in,” Machado shares. “Now I am much stronger in these positions and my risk of injury is very low.”

Jean Jacques’ secret is to be consistent in his weekly use of the Iron Neck with movement patterns specific to his practice.