Koa Rothman | Iron Neck Ambassador


As a professional surfer, Koa Rothman has put his body through many of the world's heaviest waves. Surfers undergo countless whiplashes and wipeouts and Koa is no exception. Rothman has been dealing with neck pain for years, but the Iron Neck is a key recovery tool for Koa post neck surgery.

By taking care of his body and focusing on his recovery as much as the ocean, Rothman consistently pushes his performance to new heights.


 “I used to have so much neck pain from paddling. After a month of training with Iron Neck, that pain is gone. I'm all about strength and mobility now."


Playing hard every match can lead overhead athletes like Geena to experience tightness in the neck. Iron Neck assists in strengthening these weakened muscles to decrease pressure from swings. Geena says, “head and neck injuries happen more often than you’d think, so it’s important to keep my neck strong for moves like dives and dodges." Playing on an outdoor volleyball court means Geena must also navigate uneven surfaces while maintaining a quick reaction time.