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Iron Neck Varsity gives you the full range isometric neck and core training of the Pro but with a low, fixed rotational resistance that helps build essential rotational strength, especially in young athletes.

​​Iron Neck Varsity works with any weight-loaded cable pulley system, pneumatic resistance machine or resistance band. With our resistance bands, you can use the Iron Neck anywhere. The cinch anchor securely loops around any stable vertical post (i.e. squat rack, structural column, goal post, basketball hoop, etc). Clip one end of the resistance band into the cinch anchor and the other into the Iron Neck and you're good to go!

Why Iron Neck?

Injury Prevention

Proactive neck strengthening reduces head and neck injuries. Iron Neck allows you to increase strength in every position, which is critical to minimizing head acceleration upon impact.

Health & Fitness

Improve posture, stability, and coordination with resistance training. Iron Neck strengthens your neck and core to meet the demands of your lifestyle.


Recover from neck and back pain in just a few minutes a week. Iron Neck training is safe, simple, and most importantly, effective.

What is the iron neck?

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Strength Prevents Strain

Your head weighs 10-12 pounds. However, looking down at your mobile device or computer screen for extended periods of time in a protracted position can put as much as 60 pounds of strain on your neck.

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"Great product, incredible service team to go along with it. I have recommended the iron neck to many of my colleagues, look for their business soon!"

Reed J.

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"Awesomely awesome. I don’t know why it took me so long to find the iron neck or anything like it ."

Lorenzo V.

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"I’ve hurt my neck for a very long time now and this product is probably the only thing to help take some relief from the constant pain."

Donald B.

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"I’ve had a great experience with the iron neck varsity. Purchased it for a great price and I don’t regret it. Neck muscles need love to ."

Jose R.

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"Great experience with it. Endless possibilities. Once you get the athlete to buy in it becomes a really good tool. "

Salvador L.

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"I got my neck back for Jiu Jitsu!!"

Hunter V.

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"Wish I had come up with this thing! Helps both strengthen and increase my range of motion. Product user for life."

Glenn S.

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"Fantastic piece of kit, well made easy to use a must for any gym!"

Dave Y.

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Joe Rogan shares how Iron Neck training has helped him with neck pain.

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