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    Whiplash, Stingers, Text Neck, Neck Strains, Cervical Spinal Stenosis, Sciatica, Pinched Nerves, Scoliosis, Kyphosis, Upper Back Pain

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    Across the world, doctors are using Iron Neck to treat patients, equipping their clinic with advanced cervical rehab capabilities.

    Over the last decade, researchers and athletic programs have been scrutinizing over how to prevent concussions since recent findings have highlighted concussions’ long-term health consequences. But, as more attention has gone into the consequences, even more attention has also gone into researching potential ways to prevent a concussion. As the research increases, so does the suggestion that neck strength and concussion prevention are interlinked. 
    The days of asking patients to comply with rudimentary neck exercises with uncomfortable Thera Bands are over. Iron Neck allows patients with mild to severe neck pain to safely rehab injury by reducing stiffness and increasing range of motion. Iron Neck integrates into any clinic or patients’ home. 
    As Master Kettlebell trainer for Kettlebell Kings, Marcus has developed extensive kettlebell programming and, as you can see from our workout, loves to play around and discover new ways to test the body. Building off our Six Foundational Movements, we looked at our time as a way to add another dimension to kettlebell and medicine ball training and bounce ideas off of one another. The result is some of the most innovative exercises we have ever seen using the Iron Neck.