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    Getting Started With Fitness Bundles

    We walk through the setup process and dive into details on what's included in your bundle. 

    Matt takes you through what's included in your Fitness Bundle and demonstrates how to setup your gear! He shows how to install both door belts, the door anchor, and the cinch anchor.
    Seamlessly transition through phases of Iron Neck Training while building neck strength and  improving posture, mobility and technique. No matter your Iron Neck training goals, we recommend beginning with the F6 to learn the foundational movements.
    Sport Elite Training is designed for those who are looking for a challenging program that covers a multitude of body groups. It's intended for those well adapted to the foundations of resistance band training.
    The F10 is designed to walk your through foundational exercises that cover a wide range of body groups. These include the shoulders, arms, chest, back, core, and lower body.