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Do you ship Internationally?

We do! International shipping and handling costs vary by country. Simply select your country when filling out your shipping address at checkout and shipping costs will be displayed.

What do I need to set up and use the Iron Neck?

Iron Neck can be set up in two ways: 1) clipping into an adjustable cable pulley system (weight stack or pneumatic resistance), or 2) connecting to a secured vertical post (like a squat rack) using a resistance band and a cinch anchor. If connecting to a cable pulley weight stack, you will only need the Iron Neck. Every Iron Neck purchase comes with a resistance band, cinch anchor, and skull cap. Teams often work Iron Neck into their lift rotation by connecting them to their squat racks using the resistance band and cinch anchor. The resistance band gives you the portability to use the Iron Neck almost anywhere.

How many Iron Necks do I need?

Most teams will have an Iron Neck on each of their squat racks as that is usually a good indicator of how many athletes needed to cycle through on a team. For rehab clinics, physical therapy, and chiropractors, 1-2 Iron Necks is generally sufficient. Take our Selector Quiz to determine how many of which model you need.

What is covered under warranty?

Any manufacturing defects under normal wear and tear that occur within one year are covered under warranty. We will have the unit sent back to us, make the necessary repairs and return to you. We will also repair defects due to normal wear and tear after the one year warranty period, at the cost of labor, materials and shipping. If at any time the Iron Neck is damaged in a way that is above and beyond normal wear and tear conditions, we will do our best to make the needed repairs at the cost of labor, materials and shipping.

Is the Iron Neck clean?

Yes. The foam padding in the Iron Neck is made of anti-microbial foam and can be cleaned with a wet wipe. Our Iron Neck skull caps are also effective at decreasing sweat on the foam pads.

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