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    Neck therapy you’ve been searching for with proven results.

    Iron Neck 3.0

    Reduce pain with simplicity + efficiency


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    Iron Neck 3.0 Pro

    Unlock rotational resistance and access greater muscle gains + strength


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    Lasting Pain Relief

    Fix the root cause of your pain by strengthening fatigued muscles using safe & effective therapy.

    All Around Better Posture

    Treat muscle imbalances & mobility deficits by incorporating 360 degree training only found with Iron Neck.

    An Investment in Longevity

    Avoid the #1 most costly health issue in the US: Neck & Back Pain. Make injury prevention a priority by investing in your health now.


    Easily Adjust Resistance

    Choose the appropriate resistance with our RX bands. The more the band is stretched, the more your muscles are challenged.

    Iron Neck comes standard with a 25 lb. band. Lighter and heavier bands can be purchased seperatly.

    IRON NECK 3.0 Pro

    Break Through Training Plateaus and Discover Greater Gains

    Iron Neck Pro features a dynamic tension braking system that is truly unmatched when it comes to neck training.

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    A car accident 8 months ago left me with really bad whiplash. I’ve been using Iron Neck for 2 months and the pain is gone. Funny thing is I actually have more range of motion than I had before the accident.

    Alexa P.

    I got the Iron Neck to fix neck issues from years of BJJ and being a firefighter. The pain went from a 7 to a 2 in just a month and the video exercises are VERY helpful.

    Ethan E.

    It’s been a long time since I could finish a full round of 18. Neck pain and back spasms had me playing much less. Using Iron Neck, I feel 15 years younger and no more pain on the golf course.

    Craig N.

    Before I got the Iron Neck my posture was awful and I’ve seen a world of improvement. I’ve always hunched over but now I’m actually standing taller. Iron Neck is freakin' sweet!

    Adam S.




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