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Da Rulk is a fitness expert who knows firsthand the challenges that come with working in high-risk situations. Firefighters cannot perform their duties with a strained neck, which can impede their mobility, peripheral vision, and ability to act quickly. To combat this issue, Rulk created a training protocol focused on strengthening the neck and preventing injuries.

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Rulk uses Iron Neck as an integral part of this protocol. It helps firefighters maintain healthy, strong necks and can be used for rehabilitation after an injury. The Iron Neck focuses on the entire posterior chain, making it a valuable tool for firefighters and other first responders looking to prevent and recover from lumbar issues and overuse of cervical issues.

For those dealing with numbness or pinched nerve issues, the Iron Neck can offer relief and aid in recovery. When injuries occur, they can create a domino effect that extends for months, causing stress and disrupting the work of firefighters. Iron Neck is a proactive approach that allows them to stay healthy and perform at a higher level.

Iron Neck is backed by scientific research and supported by a curriculum, making it a reliable tool for firefighters and first responders. Rulk sees it as the next frontier in training, and he continues to build upon it, expanding its potential and incorporating new insights. By trusting in Iron Neck, first responders can take care of their bodies and focus on the important work of protecting their communities.

“Firefighters cannot go on the job with strained necks… For us it’s about getting in front of it to make sure their necks are healthy and strong.