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    Ankle & Wrist STRAPS


    • Description

    Create a complete workout system with the Iron Neck Ankle & Wrist Straps, designed to pair with Iron Neck Resistance Bands for unparalleled workout efficiency and versatility. The straps provide a natural feel that doesn't inhibit movements and the soft-touch neoprene adds a comfortable feel while training. The heavy-duty nylon hook-and-loop closure provides secure adjustability Wraps around your ankles to alter positions and exercises. Each order comes with two cuffs (one set)

    • 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

    Applicable Uses:

    The Ankle & Wrist Straps are a great paired when paired with resistance bands. Work your upper and lower body seamlessly by using cuffs instead of handles. Handles and bars have their place in any workout, but sometimes not having to grip something allows for more freedom. At a budget price, this is a virtual must-have accessory.

    • Key Benefits


    Effective for both upper and lower body training


    Perfect for the injured person to improve muscle regeneration


    Effectively reduce fat in the arms, legs and waist

    Mobility TrainiNG

    Exercise fast twitch muscles and build speed and agility