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Alpha Harness Bundle

With 4 connection on the side and 2 'doggy ear', the neck training harness allows for linear training both side to side and up and down. The head harness can be used to perform the traditional weighted neck exercises or you can get creative with it and pull the sled or use bands and chains. The possibilities are endless.


⚪ㅤExtra-Heavy D-Rings
⚪ㅤDurable Nylon Tether
⚪ㅤReinforced Stitching
⚪ㅤFlexible, Breathable Neoprene
⚪ㅤQuick Fastening Strap


What's Included

The Alpha Harness Bundle includes a nylon tether straps to support small weight plates, a 25 lb. resistance band, a door anchor, and a drawstring bag.