Iron Neck Starter | Team Edition

Iron Neck Starter is a great neck and core strengthening option for athletes and individuals with general fitness or rehabilitation goals. This model functions purely through isometric and eccentric training, applied by a resistance band or cable pulley, as the slider moves friction-free around the guide track.

All three models are capable of performing the same exercises and allow you to apply as much horizontal resistance as desired. If using a resistance band, simply move closer or step farther away from the anchor point until the intended resistance is applied. If using a weight-loaded (or pneumatic) cable pulley machine, it’s easy to apply a very specific amount of resistance, no matter how far you stand from the machine.

Each Starter comes with:

  • 1 x Getting Started Guide
  • 1 x Exercise Poster
  • 1 x 25 lb. Resistance Band
  • 1 x EZ Cinch Anchor 
  • 2 x Skull Caps 

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