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    No home fitness setup is complete without the resistance band door anchor - as these are what unlock the unlimited potential that our resistance training equipment has to offer! Sure, you could get by without one of these, and simply perform standalone exercises using weights, or even the bands by themselves.

    But by anchoring your bands to a door - whether it be your bedroom, bathroom, closet, or garage - you gain access to hundreds of different exercises, and can take full advantage of the home gym setup you’re investing in.

    How Do You Anchor A Resistance Band To A Door?

    You never want to “macgyver” your resistance bands to your door, or create any sort of makeshift attachment points. If you attempt to do this, it’s incredibly unlikely that you’ll create a strong, secure attachment to your door.

    This means that when you begin exercising, and pull on the bands, they are more likely to come loose from the door, snapping back into your face and causing severe injury. That’s why you need to use a specially engineered resistance band door anchor to attach your bands.

    What Is A Resistance Band Door Anchor?

    Creating a safe, secure attachment to your door is incredibly simple when using an anchor. These are essentially straps that you attach to your door and allow you to safely pull on your bands and perform your movements.

    What Are The Different Types Of Resistance Band Anchors?

    There are two different types of anchors - some wrap all the way around the door and have multiple attachment points, whereas others have just one attachment point and squeeze through the door frame and the door. Both are great options, and sometimes, it makes sense to have both on hand for different scenarios.

    However, the one with more attachment points is typically the best option for most people because it unlocks far more exercises. Unilateral exercises are great because they force you to really work on stabilizing the muscles you’re working on, along with your core, but bilateral movements are incredibly important too.

    To grant yourself the option to do both, you are better off grabbing thetri-clip door belt style.

    Are Resistance Bands Bad For Doors?

    Homeowners and renters alike often wonder if constantly using their resistance bands on their door causes any wear and tear on the door itself.

    When used properly, resistance bands are not bad for doors at all. Your door is likely a lot stronger than you give it credit for. The most common mistake people make that leads to them damaging their doors with their bands is by creating friction.

    As long as you use one of these anchors, there won’t be any friction. The design of these features a clip that you actually can attach your band to, so you are really only using the door frame for support!

    How To Set Up Your Exercise Band Door Anchor

    Like we said earlier, there are two types of anchors for resistance bands. And thus, the protocol varies according to which one you’re trying to set up. Since we sell both types right here at Iron Neck, we also happen to be experts on setting both types up! We’ll start with those that attach through the door hinge.

    For Anchors That Attach Between The Door Frame & Wall (Hinge Side)

    Using our Safe Lock Door Anchor, setup is super easy. Just open the door on the hinge side of the frame enough to slide the D-ring side through. Be sure to position the exercise band door anchor at the exact height you tend to work at.

    Then, close the door. Always check that the connection is secure by pulling on the D ring with your hand before attaching a band. At that point, you are safe to begin exercising!

    For Anchors That Wrap All The Way Around The Door Frame

    The tri-clip style of exercise band anchors we mentioned earlier is an even more secure attachment, because it wraps all the way around the door and won’t come loose unless you uncinch it. To attach this style, simply loosen the straps of the anchor and open your door.

    Wrap the strap all the way around the door and clip the buckle shut. Then, you can adjust the height you want it at, before tightening it as securely as possible. At that point, you can shut your door, pull on your D rings with your hands first to test the connection, and then attach your bands and get to work!

    Staying Safe By Always Monitoring Your Resistance Band Anchor’s Condition

    The only instance in which your safety can become compromised when using these anchors is if they wear down and the quality itself becomes compromised.

    It’s crucial that you’re constantly checking the condition of not just your exercise band door anchor, but your resistance bands themselves, the door or other attachment point, etc.

    How To Set Up Your Exercise Band Door Anchor

    Here at Iron Neck, we have both styles of resistance band door anchors that we’ve discussed, and at the best prices you’ll find online.

    But, we also have everything else you need to set up a home gym or office gym affordably. We carry all theresistance belts & loops you’ll need, along with all sorts of otherresistance training equipment.

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