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Iron Neck Pro offers full range isometric and concentric neck training with fully-adjustable rotational resistance. A built-in adjustment dial and braking system allow you to change the level of concentric training to your desired setting, meaning multiple athletes or patients can use the device and quickly customize it between workouts.​​

​​Iron Neck Pro works with any weight-loaded cable pulley system, pneumatic resistance machine or resistance band. With our resistance bands, you can use the Iron Neck anywhere. The cinch anchor securely loops around any stable vertical post (i.e. squat rack, structural column, goal post, basketball hoop, etc). Clip one end of the resistance band into the cinch anchor and the other into the Iron Neck and you're good to  go!
For door setup, add a door anchor or door belt to turn any door into an Iron Neck workout station! 
​STEP ONE     Select Iron Neck Size (see chart in images)
  • S/M: fits heads with cap sizes 6 1/2" - 7 1/8" (head circumference 20 1/2" - 22 1/2")
  • L/XL: fits heads with cap sizes 7 1/8" - 8" (head circumference 22 1/2" - 26")
STEP TWO     Select Resistance Band  (see images for explanation)
  • Starter (0-25 lbs resistance)
  • Intermediate (0-35 lbs resistance)
  • Advanced (0-50 lbs resistance)


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Mark R.
United States

Great Service!

I ******* up on my order. Purchased a standard size when I meant to order the large. My fault. But they sent me the large replacement pad free of charge. Iron Neck customer for life!

Jordan S.
United States

Versatile Product!

Worth every penny. After my first time using the Iron Neck Pro my neck felt like it just went through an intense workout. It's a great feeling to wake the next morning with a sore neck, makes you know that the product does as advertised. 5/5 would recommend.

Tyler B.
United States

Solid function need more sizing options available per unit

Good, lots of ways to use this product. I wish that you got a couple size options for the foam pad in the front so there was more adjustments per unit. It looks like its interchangeable, would be good to get a couple different pads especially at this price point.

Erick Diaz

Years of pain slowly disappearing

Iron neck was definitely something I wanted to buy for while but I wasn't sure if it would help me with my neck pain let alone with the steep price. Before making the purchase, I made extra efforts to try and rehabilitate by neck back to shape using old conventional methods but you only can get so far since you're limited with movements and range of motion. After buying the iron I noticed a greater increase in range of motion and significantly less pain each time I use it. Normally I would have pain on the left side of my neck but after using this daily, I've noticed that my right side is much weaker and the pain that I was feeling on my left side was the muscles aching from compensating from the weakness. Looking back at how long I waited on buying this I wish I would of done it sooner since it would have saved me from sleepless nights and daily pain. I've done physical therapy for 3 years and nothing that I've done comes as close to this in helping with pain relief and strengthening the neck.

Keith D.
United States

Worth every penny.

I've used head harnesses with weights and bands to exercise my neck in the past, but it always felt limiting and uncomfortable. The Iron Neck allows for better range of motion, and it stays more secure on my head - comfortably. Good equipment, like the the Iron Neck, is always worth the investment.



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