Iron Neck Pro

Highest level of control for strength and mobility progressions

A powerful tool built for top level athletes, fitness centers, and rehabilitation professionals, Iron Neck Pro gives you the ability to increase rotational resistance gradually over time.

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Iron Neck Home

Safe and consistent training to rebuild neck stability and core strength

A safe and consistent training tool designed to enhance functional fitness and injury recovery, Iron Neck Home incorporates linear resistance from a band or cable pulley system, with no rotational resistance.

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Iron Neck Varsity

Dual force training engineered for athletes and teams

An efficient solution for budget-conscious high schools and amateur athletes, Iron Neck Varsity includes a low, fixed level of rotational resistance to help build a neck strong enough to withstand impacts during the course of play.

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Resistance Band

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Interchangeable Front Pad

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Iron Neck Skull Cap

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Total Body Fitness Bundles

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Iron Neck Headband

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Stronger Neck Safer Game Shirt

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Iron Neck Chinstrap (Replacement)

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Iron Neck 'Got Neck?' Shirt

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Accessories + Apparel

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