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    Using our resistance band bars, handles, & ankle straps, you can unlock more exercises than you ever thought possible with just yourresistance training equipment.

    With these attachments in your arsenal, your personal gym is as good, if not better, than what any professional fitness center could offer you.

    Whether you train at home or in the office, you need these accessories to make the most out of your equipment. However, you don’t just want to grab these anywhere. If you’re going to invest in your personal fitness, you might as well go with the best, and that’s what we strive for here at Iron Neck.

    People know us for producing the bestneck strengthening machine on the market, but we offer so much more than that. Everything you need to change your life and start taking physical fitness seriously can be found here.

    The Importance Of Resistance Band Handles, Bars, & Straps

    There is no question that using resistance belts & loop bands are one of the best ways to get in shape, strengthening and toning your body at an incredibly affordable price. There are so many different exercises you can do with just these, which is why so many people set up their home gym around this style of training. However, the bands themselves are only going to get you so far.

    If you don’t have the accessories you need, such as a resistance handle, you really don’t have the level of versatility you need for whole body fitness. Below, we are going to cover some of the top exercises and movements you’ll unlock by simply adding a resistance bar, handles, & straps to your toolbox. 

    Resistance Band Bars

    Those who are looking to build strength with their setup absolutely need a resistance band bar. These are exactly what they sound like - a bar that you can attach your bands to (there is an attachment point on each side, so you can use two bands and maximize the load).

    Some of these are even collapsible, allowing you to easily store these when not being used! From there, you’re able to unlock a myriad of essential movements such as chest presses, rows, squats, lat pulldowns, and more.

    The reason we consider these such an importance attachment for your training is because it allows you to get a nice dose of bilateral training - meaning two limbs are working at once. Unilateral training, or exercises that only require one limb, are great too, don’t get us wrong. However, real strength is built through bilateral training, where you can apply much more force against the resistance you’re training with.

    Now, with that said, you can also train bilaterally if you have a set of resistance band handles, too. But these also allow you to easily train unilaterally, which is important in its own regard.

    Resistance Band Handles

    The biggest benefit of training unilaterally, or one limb at a time, is that you can identify imbalances (one arm stronger than the other, for example) and build up your stability and strength simultaneously.

    Since you’re only using one limb at a time, you are able to focus more on building that mind to muscle connection. And a lot of the movements that fall under this category are only possible with resistance band handles.

    Like the resistance bars we discussed above, these are just handles with attachment points for an exercise band. They unlock perhaps even more exercises than the resistance bars above, including chest flys, single arm bicep curls/tricep extensions & pulldowns, shoulder flys, and many more.

    Along with all these, you also have the ability to perform all the exercises that a resistance band bar grants - chest presses, rows, etc. The key difference is that you have a much more free range of motion, and each limb can move independently of the other.

    Resistance Band Ankle Straps

    One of the final resistance band accessories you should invest in are resistance band ankle straps.

    These are essential for lower body training, as you can attach them to your ankles and perform movements that target your glutes, hamstrings, quads, hips, etc.

    Keep in mind that the majority of the movements you can perform for your lower body with resistance band ankle straps are going to be isolation movements. These are great for accessory work and for isolating certain muscle groups.

    However, we highly encourage you to grab the resistance bar & handles along with these, because this unlocks a myriad of compound movements for your lower body.

    Where To Buy Resistance Band Bars, Handles, & Straps

    Now that you know all the benefits of investing in resistance straps, bars, and handles, you’re likely wondering where to start looking for these. The good news is, the best place to buy all your exercise essentials is right here at Iron Neck. All our products are manufactured to the highest standards, and yet you can get an entire home or office gym set up without spending an arm and a leg!

    We carry affordable resistance band handles & straps to help you perform your isolation movements. But, we also have an incredibly innovative & effective resistance bar to help you with your compound movements and maximize your strength gains! There is a reason people all around the world trust us and build their own fitness facilities using only our equipment & accessories.

    You can invest in yourself today by shopping for all your exercise needs, fromneck harnesses andresistance band anchors to complete fitness bundles and everything in between, we are your one-stop shop for all things fitness!