January 11, 2019

A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats

2018 was a big year for Iron Neck. That 'weird neck thing' is getting recognized a bit more often as more people are sharing the innovative ways they are incorporating it into their training. This has undoubtedly resulted in a ton of great content that inspires more people to have an innovative mindset with their training.

Without further ado, our Top 10 Instagram posts of 2018... 

10. U.K. Boxer David Haye Goes Old School

British boxer David Haye hooking his Iron Neck up to a Keiser trainer and getting down to some 70s discos (ala McFadden & Whitehead) is the perfect post to start off this list!


9. Joe DeFranco 30 Second Challenge

DeFranco has been a leading innovator with Iron Neck and continues to share much of his training with his Instagram following. Can you hit 30 seconds in Joe DeFranco’s bottoms up kettlebell challenge???


8. How to Prepare an Athletes Neck for Sports 

Sean Smith wrote an insightful and fairly comprehensive piece on How to Prepare an Athletes Neck for Sports. The 8 videos in this one Instagram post are better than your 8 layer bean dip you make every year for the Superbowl.


7. The Upcoming Revolution in Girls Soccer: Having Stronger Necks 

Girls Soccer has the highest concussion rate of any high school sport. Girls have weaker necks. Pete Arroyo, owner of Legacy Strength, is one of the many strength and conditioning coaches who have connected the dots on neck strength and concussions and runs all his girls through Iron Neck. Keep your eyes pealed in 2019 for a wave of stronger necks in female athletes, particularly in soccer...


6. Innovations in Baseball Training 

Strength and conditioning coaches from high school to the MLB have begun to incorporate Iron Neck into existing core, shoulder and neck mobility exercises. White Sox S&C coach Goldy Simmons says, “It’s been great to train our players in the positions they are in through their entire movements. It’s been great for neck mobility and spine stability work with our pitchers and in building rotational power for hitting.”


5. The Perfect Training for Motorsports

Most people don't think about the extreme forces a race car driver's neck and core are under throughout a race. Then again, most people keep it well under 200mph! Strength coaches like Jim Leo at PitFit Training in Indianapolis have been incorporating Iron Neck into their racer's programming for the past few years. More importantly, PitFit Training has been developing a neck strength testing program for it's drivers. We wrote about their training earlier this summer.


4. MMA + Wrestling with Chad Mendes

An NCAA championship wrestler, Mendes knows the value of a neck that can perform. We've learned a lot in working with wrestlers turned MMA fighters like Chad Mendes (watch full video) and Lance Palmer, who gets a shout out here as well for his innovative approach to training with Iron Neck...


3. UCLA Football

UCLA is one of 100+ colleges training with Iron Neck. As a UCLA football alum, this was a special visit for Mike Jolly to be able to support the team he played for 30+ years ago. We sat down with UCLA S&C coach Frank Wintrich to talk about his approach to using technology to improve the communication and relationship between coach and player  (Interview Highlights).

Honorable Mention:  UAB S&C Coach Lyle Henley has had his boys training with Iron Neck for the past two seasons. See how they incorporate Iron Neck with other exercises to run their practices more efficiently...


2. Kettlebells + Iron Neck with Marcus Martinez

This Fall we began collaborating with Marcus Martinez (aka @kettlebellexercises), Onnit Master Kettlebell Trainer, on integrating Iron Neck into various kettlebell workouts. This experimental training session led to something special and more clearly illustrates how adding Iron Neck to any exercise adds another dimension to the workout. Read the full article with all 10 exercise videos.

Honorable Mention:  Joe DeFranco + Jim Smitty Diesel have been an inspiration from early on. Check out their 10 Power Moves with Iron Neck:


1. Joe Rogan 

While it's possible there are more in the Rogan ethos, we have counted seven Joe Rogan Experience podcasts where he has discussed Iron Neck with his guests. Rogan is not a paid endorser, just a customer whose neck problems from years of Judo and BJJ went away when he started training with Iron Neck. Our love and respect for the man, who is about to sit down with Ye, can best be illustrated with his own Top 3:

Joe Rogan #3.  Proof Joe Rogan is following our Instagram sauce

Our first and foremost goal with our Instagram has always been to inspire. By sharing how athletes and strength and conditioning coaches are incorporating Iron Neck into other exercises with medicine balls, kettlebells, resistance bands, etc, more people have discovered how Iron Neck in it's simplest form is a way to add another dimension to your training. As the Iron Neck community continues to grow, our Instagram will continue to show the leading edge of innovation. Plus, UFC fighter Matt Brown drops a great line... "The front's for show, that back's for go!" #Truth


Joe Rogan #2. Evolution in Neck Training


In this two part video, Rogan discusses how "the approach to success is different with every individual." Athletes playing different positions in different sports require different approaches to training the neck. UFC fighter Henry Cejudo talks about how a lot of things in wrestling have stayed over tradition, like neck bridging (a successful way to build neck strength but at a cost of potential damage to the discs in your spine).


Joe Rogan #1. "Never Trust Your Neck"

Whether it's in combat sports or everyday life, most people don't realize how important their neck is until they experience it's vulnerabilities. Rogan shares a saying from his Brazilian jiu jitsu instructor, Jean Jacques Machado: "Never Trust Your Neck." Whether you take it from Rogan, Machado or Wu-Tang Clan, you better Protect Ya Neck!


To 2019 and beyond...

2019 is going to be an even bigger year and we hope you'll jump on board. If you already are on the Iron Neck train, we hope you'll share your successes and experiences with it with our community. The only way the tide rises is by making your contribution to the ocean.

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