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The Benefits of Strong Neck Muscles: Injury Prevention, Athletics, & Lifestyle

The Benefits of Strong Neck Muscles: Injury Prevention, Athletics, & Lifestyle
If you've heard about or seen people trying to strengthen their neck muscles, you might wonder why. What are the benefits of strong neck muscles? Should you try and work on neck strength yourself? There are four key reasons neck strength matters more than you may think:
  1. Injury prevention
  2. Increased ROM & flexibility
  3. Reduce neck pain
  4. Improve athletic performance

We get it. Neck training isn’t the first thing most people think about in their exercise routine. Too often it’s not even on our radar until we have a concussion or start experiencing neck pain or stiffness. Iron Neck provides a versatile solution to improve strength and mobility, relieve chronic pain and prevent injuries to the head, neck and spine. There’s more to Iron Neck than just stronger neck muscles though.

In the section below, we'll take a deep dive into why you should seek to strengthen your neck musculature. Having strong neck muscles is more important than you think! Let's examine why.

What are the Benefits of a Strong Neck?

Ready to learn all about the benefits of a strong neck? In this section, we'll cover four important reasons to start neck training and develop stronger neck muscles. From injury prevention to increased range of motion and flexibility, reduced neck pain, and better performance - there are so many reasons to train your neck muscles. Let's start with injury prevention.

Injury Prevention

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” If he were alive today, there’s no doubt Benjamin Franklin would be a fan of the Iron Neck! He clearly understood the difference in the cost of fixing a problem versus preventing it.

Injury prevention is about fixing weaknesses before they become problems. Challenging the neck from every angle exposes weaknesses. It may sound too cliché to be true, but Iron Neck turns these weaknesses into strengths.

This is relevant for athletes but is also important for all people. You can’t predict when you’ll be in a car accident or slip and fall. In these instances, a strong neck may be the only thing that can help. Iron Neck is a valuable tool that helps reduce whiplash and concussion risk. And, you can use neck training to help neck twinges and tweaks, too. There are stretches and neck exercises for a pinched nerve you can do - check out our related blog post to learn more. Or, learn about how to treat cycling neck pain through exercise. The point is, there are so many ways you can increase your neck's resiliency through exercise.

Increased Range of Motion & Flexibility

Iron Neck helps keep your neck moving the way it is meant to. Unlike traditional modalities of neck training, with Iron Neck you are not moving something with your head, but rather stabilizing your head position against a horizontal resistance.

Reduce Neck and Back Pain

The impact that posture has on neck and back pain, as well as the likelihood of future degenerative neck conditions, is significant.

Hunched over computers. Craned over our phones. Hundreds of hours commuting in traffic. From the moment we wake up to when we fall asleep, our spines are in a constant battle against gravity and over the past few decades have been subjected to our collective addiction to technology.

Iron Neck helps improve strength and stability throughout the neck and back and correct posture. Being proactive against these persistent forces will help you win the battle against gravity!

Improve Core Strength & Movement Biomechanics

Iron Neck training is performed standing up. This engages muscles from the base of your skull down to your feet, forcing muscles throughout the entire kinetic chain to fire and stabilize body position.

Iron Neck helps train and develop more awareness of body position and muscle activation. Throughout the 6 foundational movements, your central nervous system (CNS) is highly engaged.

Ultimately, training is about being strong in the ways that are most relevant to your sport or profession. In every sport that Iron Neck has been adopted in, from Football and Baseball to IndyCar and Jiu Jitsu, its ability to challenge and develop movement biomechanics has helped make athletes stronger in the ways they need to be for the specific demands of their sport.

How to Get a Strong Neck: Exercises to Strengthen Muscles

Want to learn how to get strong neck muscles now that you know all the benefits? There are so many different exercises you can rely on - from neck flexion to extension, and so much more. That's why our complete guide on the best neck strengthening exercises is such a great resource. There, you won't just learn which movements will help you develop strong neck muscles. But, you'll also learn what tools and equipment you need to perform the movements - like a neck harness and resistance bands. Or better yet - the Iron Neck. Keep reading to learn more about this revolutionary fitness device.

Final Thoughts on How to Get a Strong Neck

With an understanding of the forces the neck is subjected to on a daily basis, you recognize that the neck cannot be ignored. By giving the neck our attention and training it in a way that is connected to our overall body movement, we begin to open doors we didn’t think were possible.

The Iron Neck ecosystem is made up of strength and conditioning coaches, personal trainers, physical therapists, chiropractors, doctors and athletes across nearly every sport. By learning from the innovators in each field, you can integrate these innovative techniques into your programming and see improvements in injury prevention, mobility, neck/back pain and biomechanics.

We invite you to explore new movements and share your innovative approach with our world. It may sound cliché, but with Iron Neck you’re only limited by your creativity. Transform the way you train the neck today with the #1 neck exercises equipment on the market.