Neck Workouts At Home: Benefits & Sample Regimens

Neck Workouts At Home: Benefits & Sample Regimens

You know you need to strengthen your neck - but your local gym doesn't have the equipment you need. Fortunately, there is a simple solution: doing neck workouts at home.

Wait - can you really do at home workouts for a strong neck? It sounds too good to be true...but we're here to tell you it's possible! With the right gear, regimen, and the proper mindset, you can easily perform at home neck workouts. This will help you eliminate neck pain and stiffness while building an injury-proof neck. Whether or not you're an athlete, building a resilient neck should be your top priority. After all, the neck is one of the most delicate structures in the body - and it's essential for so many things we do.

That's why today, we're going to share our favorite at home workouts for a strong neck. We'll teach you which movements offer the best bang for your buck, and whether or not you need to invest in equipment to get started. First things first - can you really do neck workouts at home? Let's discuss.


Can You Do Neck Workouts At Home?

Can you really do neck workouts at home? It's true - building a thick, durable neck from the comfort of your own home is entirely possible. In fact, this is the best way to go about it in our opinion. We'll explain why in the next section. First, let's talk about setting your expectations.

While you can perform neck strengthening exercises at home, you'll need to invest a bit of money in some gear and equipment. You also have to come up with the right regimen if you want to get results. Don't worry - we'll cover all this and more throughout this in-depth guide. Before we get into the details of neck training from home, we want to explain why this is actually the best way to strengthen your neck.


What Are The Benefits Of At Home Neck Workouts?

We know what you're thinking - "why should I train my neck at home instead of in the gym? There is far more equipment there, and I already pay my membership!"

Well, very few gyms offer the equipment necessary for effective neck workouts. The only way to truly unlock your ideal neck is by investing in yourself and buying the equipment necessary to perform certain movements. Don't worry - you can get everything you need for functional, safe, and effective neck workouts for under $250!

This is an investment that will undoubtedly pay for itself in the long run. And even if you're lucky enough to be a member at a gym that does have the necessary equipment, working out at home is still our preferred approach. Of course, you end up saving way more money in the long run by building a home gym. But there are other benefits, too.

For one, you gain the comfort and convenience of at-home neck workouts. No need to shower, get dressed, and prepare for the social element of the gym. Just head out to your garage (or a spare bedroom), blast your preferred music, and start training. No driving to the fitness center, no waiting around for equipment you need, no dealing with annoying people asking you which protein powder you take. That alone is reason enough to start working out your neck muscles from home. You can't put a price tag on training on your schedule, on your terms.

Now, with all that said - let's get into the meat and potatoes of today's discussion: our favorite neck workouts at home.


Our Favorite Neck Workouts At Home

Ready to start your journey to a thicker, stronger, better-looking neck? We're going to share our favorite neck movements with you now. We'll share specific exercises and complete workouts that you can incorporate into the rest of your weekly workouts. You're even going to gain a few tips and tricks that will really supercharge the results you get. First things first - let's talk equipment.

First Things First: What Gear Do You Need For At Home Neck Workouts?

We said earlier that you are going to need some basic gear to start working out your neck at home. The good news is, most neck exercises can be done with just one piece of equipment: the Iron Neck.

This is the best neck workout equipment on the market. It unlocks 360-degree training anywhere you have a door. You'll be able to perform all the neck exercises we recommend on this list - and then some. There is no better way to build a muscular neck that resists injury and remains pain-free. And starting at just around $200, it's also incredibly cost-effective. Invest in yourself and then start mastering the basics!

If you decide you want to go a bit more budget-friendly at first before upgrading later on, you can simply use a neck weight harness with weights - or better yet, resistance belts (or bands). These won't grant you the same versatility in your training, but they will help you get started. with all that said, let's talk about basic at home neck workouts.

Start By Mastering The Basics

Before you can start neck training like the pros, you need to master the fundamentals. We've got 6 foundational movements for you to start with. These will help you strengthen, stabilize, and mobilize your neck muscles early on. And, they'll set you up for safe, successful neck training as you progress to more complex movements. Here are the movements you should begin mastering:

  • 360-spin - Step away from your anchor point to get a bit of tension on the Iron Neck device. Then, while keeping all elements in alignment, slowly pirouette with both feet to spin 360-degrees - as the name suggests. You should return to your starting position having taken a full view of the room. Repeat the movement on both sides for best results.
  • Look left, look right - With tension on the device and good posture (chin packed, eyes straight ahead), rotate your neck left. The goal is to get your chin over your left shoulder - but go as far as you safely can. Then, slowly return to your starting position and look right.
  • Protraction & retraction - Start with tension on the band looking at the anchor point on your door or a pole. To initiate the movement, think about pulling your nose straight back as far as you can. A good mental cue for this neck workout is to think about packing your chin and making a quadruple chin. Then, slowly push your nose back out as far as you safely can. After 8-12 reps, turn around and repeat the movement.
  • Locked neck body turns - Get tension on the device. Then, as the name suggests, pivot your waist in one direction while keeping your neck locked - and your eyes fixated on the anchor point. This one is a bit tougher but does wonders for neck stability and strength. You won't just feel this neck workout in the neck muscles - but from head to toe as your whole body stabilizes. To prevent muscular imbalances, perform this movement facing all 4 cardinal directions.
  • Diagonals - Face away from the anchor point and tilt your left ear towards your left shoulder - without moving from the neck down. Don't let your right shoulder come up as your neck tilts down - put pressure on your right shoulder with your left hand if necessary. Then, progress the movement by drawing an imaginary line with your nose down to your left shoulder. This secondary movement sort of mimics the look left, look right - but with a diagonal element. Finish by drawing another line with your nose from your left shoulder past the midline of your chest. Perform the movement on the right side as well.
  • Figure eights - For the final (and most challenging) foundational movement, begin with your chin and eyes parallel to the floor as you rotate and the neck, left and right. Again, you'll draw lines with your nose to help you think through the movement. Start drawing up and to the left, coming down in a circle. Once you get back to your starting point, seamlessly transition into drawing a circle on the right side. The goal is to draw figure eights. Go slowly and keep your head retracted throughout the entire movement. Otherwise, you'll reinforce poor neck posture.

We highly encourage you to check out our video resources on these 6 movements before attempting to perform them yourself. We also encourage you to master the technique without any weight before attempting to load the movements. Once you get the hang of these, you can start adding weight to your neck training. And at a certain point, you'll want to move on to a more comprehensive neck workout.

Move On To More Complex Neck Workouts Over Time

The best part about the Iron Neck is there are so many different ways you can use it in your training. Are you rehabbing from an injury? There are specific types of neck training to help you build back stronger and more durable than ever. Is your training goal to build better posture, or better mobility? There are forms of direct neck training just for those goals. There are even specific at home neck workouts you can follow to improve athletic performance - with even more varying workouts depending on your sport.

The point is, the direction you take your neck workouts from here is entirely up to you. Just be sure you're following the detailed guides (and carefully watching the video resources) on this page.


Additional Tips For Performing Neck Workouts At Home

Armed with the information above, you're ready to start taking your neck workouts at home to the next level. Whether you're a complete beginner to working out your neck or you're just looking for a refresher, we want to finish up with a few additional tips. These will help you stay safe and get results from your training - no matter what your goals are.

  • Build A Regimen You Can Stick To: many who are new to neck workouts ask the question, "how long does it take to build a bigger neck?". This is not something you'll see results from overnight - or frankly, within the first few weeks. But if you take detailed before and after photos, and follow a regimen you can stick to, you'll be shocked at the gains you make after a month or two - and beyond. It's all about being consistent - don't quit on yourself early.
  • Incorporate These Workouts Into Your Existing Training Plan: doing neck workouts at home is great - but you need to ensure the rest of your training is on point, too. Prevent muscular imbalances by training the whole body.
  • Make Time For Recovery: they say that your physique isn't built in the gym - it's built in the kitchen. While it's true that your training matters, your diet is just as important. Get ample protein and ensure a caloric surplus if your goal is to gain size and strength. Ensure you're stretching and doing deep tissue work on the neck to help recovery, too. Give ample time between neck workouts for your body to recover. And on top of all this, get a minimum of 7-8 hours of sleep a night.
  • Be Sure You're Implementing Progressive Overload: if you're performing the same sets, reps, and resistance in your at home neck workouts week after week, you won't see results. Sure, you'll be putting in the work and doing all the right things - but you're missing one crucial element of any workout plan: progressive overload. You need to consistently add new stimuli to your training to keep forcing your body to get stronger after each workout. This can be extra sets/reps, extra weight, etc.


Final Thoughts On At Home Workouts For A Strong Neck

At this point, you're ready to get started on your own at home workouts for a strong neck. Remember to read our detailed training guides and master technique before adding load. And, stay consistent. You'll be blown away at the transformation you can make in just a few months with the right workout plan, equipment, recovery, and dedication. If you want to learn more about training your neck muscles, explore the rest of our blog as we dissect all things neck training, neck pain, and more!