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How to do Neck Workouts Without Equipment

How to do Neck Workouts Without Equipment

Training the neck is a crucial aspect to consider when aiming to avoid injury, improve posture, increase neck size for aesthetics, and rehab an injury. However, if you don’t have the proper equipment, you may wonder how to train the neck without equipment, and that’s where we come in to save the day!

If you’re interested in building the neck without equipment, a few factors need to be considered. What are your goals? Size? Strength? Injury prevention? All of these factors require resistance to impress results through progressive overload. So, though it may be possible to incorporate neck exercise without equipment to start your neck training journey, we highly recommend investing in neck training equipment to obtain hefty progress in overall training results. 

To get an idea of how to begin using neck workouts without equipment to lay down a solid foundation before adding resistance to your neck training, continue reading! 

Can You Do Neck Exercises Without Equipment?

When first learning how to train the neck without equipment, practicing without equipment is an excellent method of adjusting to new forms and techniques you are unaccustomed to. This is a practical way to engage mind-to-muscle connection to benefit from progressive results when utilizing tools like Iron Neck’s masterfully designed neck training products. 

To train for progress, there needs to be some sort of progressive overload achieved through resistance, intensity, and volume. Though beginning neck training without equipment can be advantageous in perfecting form and technique, eventually, you will need to invest in equipment to add stimulus to increase strength or size over time. 

The Problem With Doing Neck Workouts Without Equipment

When aiming to grow in strength and size, there must be some sort of resistance to incorporate intensity into the exercise. 

Though doing neck exercises without equipment can be a great way to get started, it will not lead to continual progress. This will eventually lead to a probable plateau in progress. If you genuinely desire to thicken your neck for aesthetic purposes or improve your neck strength to prevent injury, then investing in high-quality equipment will be the true method to achieving your goals. 

For more information on how to get started with your neck training journey, follow our complete neck training guide on how to train neck. Or, if you’re wondering how to get a thicker neck, check out our other post, along with how long it takes to get a bigger neck to learn how to use optimized resistance neck training for a thick neck! 

Our Favorite Neck Workouts Without Equipment: Exercises for Getting Started

Setting a solid foundation when preparing to incorporate resistance into your neck workouts is essential. By doing this, you are essentially layering on safety precautions and injury prevention often caused by incorrect form or technique. For more information on how to learn how to strengthen neck muscles, read the linked article. 

Begin practicing these foundational neck exercises without equipment. This will help build a foundation. Ensure you are focusing on mind-to-muscle connection and practicing proper form with your neck workouts without equipment!

Look Left Look Right

One of our favorite neck exercises without equipment, this foundational movement aids in improving posture and stability throughout the neck, back, and core. Throughout this movement, you effectively build strength and mobility in a natural range of motion.

In this exercise, make sure to keep your shoulders back and chest up. Turn your head to the left and right until you reach the end of your range of motion. The shoulders should not move or remain as steady as possible throughout this movement. Complete this exercise for eight repetitions, both sides counting as one repetition. 

If mobility is a quality you desire in your neck training, you need to look at our article providing the top neck mobility exercises. Mobility work plays a vital role in injury prevention, so incorporating exercises that work on strengthening throughout different ranges of motion will be a great benefit to you. 

Protraction & Retraction

This exercise will help engage the posterior chain by focusing on an upright posture. This is a crucial aspect necessary for improved posture. 

To complete this exercise, stick your nose straight out, extending your neck out as far as you comfortably can. Then, follow through by retracting your neck as much as you can. Pause for one second in this retracted position. Repeat this exercise for eight repetitions. 

The protraction and retraction exercise is a great foundational exercise for athletes. This critical exercise can help keep the head from hitting the ground during a fall or tackle, protecting the neck from injury.

Neck training is crucial for athletes. We detail the importance of neck exercises for boxing, though neck training benefits all types of athletes. For an inside look at neck training for athletes, take a look at our post on neck strengthening exercises for wrestling

Locked Neck Body Turn 

In an athletic stance, place your feet shoulder-width apart with knees slightly bent. Clasps your hands together as a reference point during this movement with your fingertips at eye level. 

Keep your eyes locked on your hands as you rotate your torso by pivoting at the waist. Pivot as far as possible from left to right, maintaining a strict torso position. Use a slow and controlled tempo as you adjust to the movement. Repeat the exercise for five repetitions on each side. 


For this exercise, enter a standing position with shoulders square. Tilt the head at a 45-degree angle laterally, ear to shoulder. 

Trace a diagonal line to your shoulder with your nose. Then follow through in the opposite direction until you reach the end of your range of motion. Pause for one second, then reverse directions. Repeat this movement for eight repetitions in each direction. 

Figure Eights

Figure eights combine strength training and mobility through a full range of motion of the neck. Considered a challenging foundational movement, this neck exercise utilizes strength and coordination in varying planes of motion to incorporate control. 

Similar to diagonals but with extra movement, figure eights, add a loop at the end of the diagonal movement to turn around to trace a sideways figure eight with your nose. Again, maintain relaxed and steady shoulders, while focusing on the coordination practice of this exercise. 

Building Neck Without Equipment Will Only Take You So Far…

Building the neck without equipment will only take you so far. Yes, performing exercises without equipment can be an effective way to establish a solid foundation. Still, once that sturdy base has been built, it’s time to incorporate progressive overload through resistance. And the best way to do that is by using one piece of equipment: Iron Neck. 

The #1 neck strengthening device, Iron Neck, is utilized by thousands of physical therapists and strength coaches to aid others in rehabbing a neck injury, preventing serious injury by strengthening the neck and improving overall fitness aesthetics. Proven to combat poor posture, strengthen the neck, and reduce the risk of concussion or other injuries, Iron Neck’s success has been backed by major names like the NFL, UFC, and Men’s Health. 

Are you looking to discover the right solution for your goals? First, avoid building a neck without equipment and consider our alternative cheaper options, Iron Neck’s neck workout harness paired with resistance band belts. These options are less versatile and effective than Iron Neck. Still, they are more affordable if that is a factor that needs to be considered and have greater success than when building a neck without equipment. 

Final Thoughts on How to Train Neck Without Equipment

Training the neck without equipment is not recommended when considering progressive overload and the desire for progress in strength and size. Though performing neck exercises without equipment can set a solid foundation for the mind-to-muscle connection and prepare for resistance-based neck exercises, this should only be done as a starting point. 

Investing in Iron Neck is the best way to overcome poor posture, a weak neck, a lack of size in the neck, and prevent injury. As the #1 choice backed by professionals, Iron Neck is guaranteed to improve your success in your neck training journey. So get your Iron Neck today!