Best Neck Exercise Equipment: The Iron Neck Vs Neck Harnesses

Best Neck Exercise Equipment: The Iron Neck Vs Neck Harnesses

Out of all the neck training equipment, which one is the best neck exercise equipment? Or the best neck harness for training? 

Many factors can come into play when finding the best neck exercise equipment. How effective is its design? Does it allow customization and encourage results? These are critical questions when investing in neck training equipment. 

And in this article, we will discuss which piece of equipment is better and even pinpoint the best neck exercise equipment to invest in so that you can begin your neck training journey and reap the benefits of top-notch neck training equipment! 

Why You Need the Best Neck Exercise Equipment

When it comes to neck training, the benefits of neck exercises are incredible. Whether it be successful injury prevention, improved athletic performance, reduced neck pain, or increased range of motion & flexibility, training the neck cannot be overlooked!

But, to begin incorporating neck training into your routine, you must first invest in the best neck equipment. Why? 

Top-quality equipment will promote better results compared to other lower-quality training equipment. In addition, equipment that has been specially designed using high-quality materials will better support the neck throughout various movements and exercises. This is required, especially with the neck, as this part of the body is incredibly vulnerable, with even the most minor incidents raising the risk of injury or pain in the neck. 

Training with equipment that challenges the neck to promote progress and keeps the neck safe and supported is essential for efficient neck training. 

So, What is the Best Neck Exercise Equipment Overall?

Comparing all the different types of neck exercise equipment, which one is best overall? Continue reading below to find out! 

The Iron Neck: The #1 Neck Training Device

Out of all the neck exercises equipment, the Iron Neck proudly stands on top.

Practical and versatile, Iron Neck, along with our other prevalent pieces of equipment, like our neck harnesses, run more affordable and portable while maintaining quality compared to other neck training equipment brands. 

Iron Neck allows 360-degree movement and added resistance to train the neck safely. The practical support of the Iron Neck guarantees success in your neck training regimen so that you can focus on rehabbing neck pain, improving mobility, overcoming poor posture, and improving athletic performance. In addition, F1 neck training is heavily incorporated to protect these high-speed drivers from a concussion, whiplash, and neck pain that can coincide with the thrashing and jarring movements experienced in high-speed driving. 

Used by professionals thanks to the guaranteed results that come along with the usage of the Iron Neck, with this #1 neck training device, your neck training game will promote consistent progress. Whether it be neck toning exercises or turkey neck exercises, the Iron Neck can be used to obtain one’s desired results from neck training. 

What is the Best Neck Harness for Those Who Can’t Afford the Iron Neck?

If the Iron Neck is out of your budget, consider our neck harness collection!

For the best neck harness, Iron Neck is the place to find it. Our neck harnesses allow access to linear training from side to side and up and down. In addition, this piece of neck training equipment is made with high-strength, durable materials so traditional weighted neck exercises can be performed safely and effectively.  

Alpha Harness Plus: The Best Neck Harness

The best neck harness, the Alpha Harness Plus, not only allows access to linear resistance training but also extends to flexion, extension, and side flexion exercises. The high-quality materials blend durability and comfort combined with the benefit of an adjustable head strap as a superior option to the Alpha Harness. 

Alpha Harness: A Good Middle-of-the-Road Choice

An excellent middle-ground option for neck training, the Alpha Harness offers linear training from side to side and up and down. 

Also made from durable, high-strength materials, the Alpha Harness can be used to perform traditional weighted neck exercises. In addition, it can be combined with rotational movements by utilizing bands. 

Iron Neck Harness: Budget-Friendly Option

The budget-friendly option, the Iron Neck Harness, fits most head sizes. Made with soft 1” webbing, an adjustable industrial hook, and loop fasteners, the harness can be used for traditional weighted neck exercises, bands, and chains and to pull the sled for versatile neck training options. 

What Else do You Need to Get Started?

Are you ready to get started neck training with Iron Neck? First, you must consider the other important facets required to get started! 

An Anchor Point for Attaching the Equipment

To get started with the most efficient neck training equipment, Iron Neck, you need to ensure that you have an anchor point to attach the equipment. 

The Iron Neck comes with a door anchor to attach to a stable anchor point, but first, you must locate the best option to attach it. The door anchor can be placed in the crevice of a door, but it’s vital to ensure that it is secure to prevent it from detaching during neck training. The door anchor allows access to neck training with the Iron Neck in the comfort of your home, with the versatility to train anywhere you can find a stable door, whether a bedroom or closet door. 

And if training at home with Iron Neck appeals to you, consider these neck workouts at home

Resistance Bands or Cable Machine

Included with the purchase of the Iron Neck is a 25 lb resistance band. This resistance band is necessary to begin training with the Iron Neck. It enforces resistance to the neck in a 360-degree area to encourage improvements and progress in your neck training routine. 

The Iron Neck can also function with any weight-loaded cable pulley system, offering versatility and portability for neck training. For example, suppose you want to discover how to get a thicker neck. In that case, you must incorporate added resistance for progressive overload to promote continuous neck strength and thickness results. Thankfully, with the Iron Neck, you can access that added resistance with the benefit of being able to train anywhere, anytime, to promote consistent progress in your neck training journey! 

A Fine-Tuned Training Regimen

To encourage continuous improvement with training, you must have a fine-tuned training regimen. 

This ensures progressive overload, effectively incorporating a challenge through volume, intensity, and resistance so that the neck can continue improving strength, mobility, and flexibility, through training. Learning how often should you workout your neck is also significant to encourage continuous results! 

Iron Neck vs Neck Harnesses: Why You Should Invest in the Best

So, which one should you invest in? Iron Neck or neck harnesses? Keep reading to learn the best investment for the most effective neck training! 

Better Range of Motion

Compared to our neck harnesses, the Iron Neck allows access to 360-degree movement. This is beneficial as it strengthens the neck in a range of movements to improve mobility and strength, which is required for successful injury prevention and improved athletic performance.  

More Exercise Availability

The Iron Neck’s accessibility to all ranges of movement allows for more exercise availability. 

From neck exercises for mass to exercises for a pinched nerve in the neck, the Iron Neck makes it easy to incorporate various training styles for different neck goals. In addition, it allows for training conformity if goals change or one’s exercise routine needs to be adjusted. 

Smoother, Safer Training

Though the neck harnesses are safe and effective, the Iron Neck is more so. This is because the creation of the Iron Neck incorporated the evaluation of the neck and its normal range of movements, with mindfulness for safe neck training, to result in the best piece of neck training equipment out there, the Iron Neck. 

The smooth versatility of the Iron Neck allows for easy training for continuous beneficial results thanks to its exceptional, high-quality design. 

Train Not Just Strength - But Mobility, Injury Prevention, and More

The Iron Neck is excellent for training strength, mobility, and flexibility, selectively or all at once! 

Through these training styles, injury prevention, posture correction, and neck pain reduction are all incorporated through the benefits of the Iron Neck’s wide range of resistance-based training. That’s why Iron Neck reigns as the best piece of neck training equipment out there. Its versatility in neck training allows for customization and progress in whichever type of training you decide to pursue. 

The Results Speak for Themselves…

If you’re still unsure about Iron Neck, that’s okay! 

The results speak for themselves. Check out these honest reviews from Iron Neck’s verified customers. 

“Absolutely love it. Pre or Post Workout - great addition to your daily routine. I have used it for about 3 weeks now consistently and I can say it is built to last.”   

- Michael Z. 

“This thing has quite honestly saved my life, headaches gone, neck pain gone.”  

-Ted S. 

“Fantastic piece of kit, works my neck better than any other piece of equipment I’ve ever used” 


Ready to See Firsthand What the Best Neck Exercise Equipment Can Do For You?

Coming out on top as the best neck exercise equipment, Iron Neck is guaranteed to promote the best results in your neck training regimen. 

From its versatility and portability to its high-quality design, the Iron Neck is an outstanding piece of equipment that allows for continued progression and results. Safely challenging the neck to improve strength, flexibility, and mobility, the Iron Neck allows for customization in one’s training routine to gain access to benefits, including injury prevention, reduced neck pain, improved athletic performance, and more. And you can start reaping the benefits by investing in the top neck exercise equipment in the world, Iron Neck!